Huawei Emui 2.3-3.0 Themes For Ascend Honor Phones

Huawei Emui 2.3-3.0 Themes For Ascend Honor Phones


March 2015 Update – Which Is Now A Big File, 4GB, Using Your Computer. It Is Easy To Update. Download And Extract The Complete File Compression. Copy To Phone / SD Card Location, You Have HwThemes File. Select “Do Not Replace” Tab, When It Appears. All Topics You Do Not You Will Receive On The System And Keep The Ones You Already Have. DONE.


All Of These Will Work Emui3.0, Most Emui2.3, Many In Earlier Versions 2 And So On
The Key Is To Make Sure You Have Enough Memory (This Is A 4GB Download), And Immediately Have All The Available Online Theme, At Your Disposal.

How To Install:-


1. Open The Zip File Provided Below.
2. Connect Your Phone To Your Computer And Copy The Files HWThemes, As It Were, To The Location, You Have HWThemes Folder On Your Mobile Phone – For Some It Will Be On Your Phone’S Internal Memory, Others On Your SD Card Storage.
3. Copy / Cut .hwt Themes Files And Paste HWThemes – It Will Give You All The Topics You Have Not. When It Tells You There Are Duplicate, You Can Either Skip All, Or Choose To Replace. If You Skip All, Which Will Save You Already Have, Because They Are Additional Topics. If You Replace These Files Will Be Replaced With Those Zip File Provided Below.
4. Restart Your Phone – You’Ll Find When You Open Your Theme App, It’S Filled With All The Mobile Phone 159 Themes  (P6, P7, Etc.) All Gorgeous!


1. To Pay Attention To The File Size – 4GB
2. Choose The Location – I Recommend You Just Downloaded File HWThemes, Because It Is As Long As You Have The Greatest Space, Whether Mobile Or SD Card.
3. Restart Your Phone – You’Ll Find When You Open Your Theme App, It Is Filled With More Than 150 Topics, All Gorgeous.
All You Need To Do Is Unpack The Zip File Is Provided Below And HWThemes Folders To SD Card And Restart Your Phone.

In The Subject Of Your Application, All The Topics Will Be The Local Theme.

It Is Excellent, Enjoy!

NB You Can Delete Topics You Do Not Want Directly From Your Themes.Apk – Though I’M Sure You’Ll Want It All.

N.N.B. Oh! If You Have You Think We’Ll Enjoy Any Subject, Please Feel Free To Give Us A Direct Link To It, Thank You!

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