How To Enable Adopted Storage On Emui 4.0 & EMUI 4.1

Someday ago Huawei released emui 4.0 marshmallow for many devices. Today we share how to enable adopted storage on emui 4.0 & higher version? Adopted storage was a new feature on emui 4.0 and treat the resulting cumulative memory as one total partition that was added to marshmallow in light of the complaints regarding lollipop issue with sd cards. In lollipop, not all applications can be moved to sd card & once the application is installed, any updates will be transferred back to the internal storage.

To set adopted storage up, you will need a computer with working ‘abd’ and, of course, a MicroSD card in your phone, the faster the better. Here’s the process!


  • Need SD Card [Class 10 ].
  • Need A Computer & USB Cable.
  • Require Minimal ADB And Fastboot From Here ⇒ Link
  • Enable USB Debugging.

Go To Settings -> About Phone -> Tap On “Build Number” 7 Times To Enable Developer Options.

  • Download and Install Huawei ADB Fastboot Driver From Here ⇒ Link 
  • Read Instructions.

Guide To Enable Adopted Storage:-

  • Connect Your Phone With Pc Via USB Cable.
  • Unzip The “” File.
  • Open Cmd In “Latest-Fastboot-Adb-Tool” Folder (By Hold Shif + Mouse Righ Button -> Open Cmd Here ).
  • Now Type Or Paste This Command  Line By Line To Cmd Windows Then Hit Enter.

adb shell

This Command Run Shell Function In Adb

sm list-disks

This Command Will Show The DriveOn Your Phone Example: – disk:179:128

sm partition disk:179:128 private

Change the disk:179:128 Numbers to your Disk Will Show When You Enter sm list-disks.

sm list-volumes all

  • This Commands Will Few Other Option Private Is Full Disk Usage And Mixed Is By Percentage.
sm list-volumes all
emulated:179:130 unmounted null
private:179:130 mounted b6a58e7f-1dbf-4db5-95ab-19bf365e1a55
private mounted null
emulated mounted null
[email protected]:/ $ exit
  • Now Open “Advanced Settings > Memory & Storage > Sd Card > Migrate Data”
  • In This Process, A Error Will Show But The Process Will Done But It’s Will Also Shown  No Space Available. The EMUI Are Not Build To Support Adoptable Storage As Of Now.
  • Reboot the phone & Enjoy.

If Any Problem Please Comment Below….. 

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  1. Mohamed Omar says

    memory card corrupted 🙁

    1. rajajana says

      Advance Settings > Memory & Storage > Sd Card > Migrate Data or re format the sd card

      1. Mohamed Omar says

        ok i repair it by Mini tool app then hard reset phone and try again its done but the problem is : when i install over than internal memory size cant install any app

  2. Satheesh Chandran says

    How to downgrade to Lollipop from Marshmallow?

  3. Paweł Ziemba says

    okay i didnt get any error at the end but my internal storage now shos 0 mb

  4. kishor kish says

    pls give steps for che1 that is honor 4x it isnt working for marshmallow EMUI.4


    Sd card seems corrupted.. plz help….


    Sd card seems corrupted.. plz help….


    Should I have to enter these codes..?emulated:179:130 unmounted null
    private:179:130 mounted b6a58e7f-1dbf-4db5-95ab-19bf365e1a55
    private mounted null
    emulated mounted null
    Plz reply

  8. Geert Taelman says

    my Honor 4 shows me the memory as (3,67 (internal) + 58,53 (sd-card) being 62,19 GB in total. So far, so good. Free internal and SD card: twice 0,00 B free. As the EMUI 4.0 don’t support the adoptable: normal too, I suppose. When I try to find what’s using the memory, I don’t find anything. BUT: when I try to install an application with the play store, there is not enough space for installing messenger for example… What did I wrong?

  9. farzad says

    managed to mix internal and my 32gb sd card
    now ive got an internal memory with 32gb capacity
    thank you
    im on honor 4x che2-l11 marshmallow c185b561 rom

  10. Thắng says

    Hey, i failed diss app when i installed in ch play and open it. I used rom b150( y6 ll), b570(eurro). Pleas,

  11. Amit Jangid says

    anyboty tell me is this method works on miui 8 mm ?

  12. UiUi says

    sd card seems corrupted also …

  13. UiUi says

    I managed to mix internal and external but do not seem to be able to migrate data. Optimization percentage has gone down 10%, SD card accessible from HiSuite only, we will see what happens when I install an app. Thank you anyway.
    Mate 8 64Gb

  14. Fawad says

    How to reverse back this process o normal

    1. nitya says

      by installing stock firmware

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