How To Enable Notch Notifications On Poco F1, MI 9 (All MIUI Devices Devices)

How To Enable Notch Notifications On Poco F1 MI 9 All MIUI Devices Devices

Poco F1 was the best in budget flagship specifications device. Still, the developers are working to make the most of this device. There is no problem with the device at all. But the MIUI which comes with the bugs. Many manufacturers are having the notched display which takes lots of space from the status bar. So , there is no or little space for the notifications to appear. So follow this post to know, How To Enable Notch Notifications On Poco F1.

Notch Notifications:

The Poco F1, MI 9 has a big wide notch. But it has a reason to have it not like other devices just for trend adding the notch without any use. It has IR sensor and front facing camera plus front speakers or we can say them earpiece. So the notifications icon on the status bar have very low space. In recent updates Poco developers added somewhat the notification icons. But these are not enough. This will support other notched Xiaomi MIUI running phones too.

Settings You Can Adjust in Notch Notification App:

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So the one of the XDA forum member Andrea Zanini made this MOD. Notch notification mod will help you to get the notifications icon appear on the status bar with some adjustments. Its just an app which you can download from play store and install as usual.

Download Notch Notifications For Poco F1, MI 9 All MIUI devices:

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Download the app and adjust the settings according to your preferences. If you like the post don’t forget to share it!! Also, Like our official Facebook page for more instant updates!!

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