Download Flyme OS 8 Stock Wallpapers In High Resolution

Download Flyme OS 8 Stock Wallpapers In High Resolution. Flyme OS is Meizu’s official UI for their Android smartphones. Recently they launched Flyme OS 8 for their smartphones so here are it’s stock wallpapers. The new 8 version is an update to its earlier Flyme OS 7 version. There are some changes like rouned icons and some other changes.

Short Information About Flyme 8 OS:

Meizu’s official UI Flyme. Launched the latest version Flyme OS 8 earlier. you must have been seen the new interface of this OS, So here are the stock wallpapers. You can try the BETA version of this Flyme OS now. If you want to flash it then you can but remember it may not be stable. If you only want the wallpapers then download from below links. These wallpapers are of high resolution which will look stunning on your smartphone. So just download and try them all.

Anyway heading to our main post, Flyme version 8 OS Stock Wallpapers In High Resolution. Here are the Flyme 8_OS Stock Wallpapers In High Resolution. This ZIP contains about 4 wallpapers. They are high in the resolution of 1080*1920. These walls will suit your smartphone perfectly. These stock walls are elegant. Colorful, and of high quality. Download it now. Extract the zip and set the wallpaper. These wallpapers are also from previous built. So you can download and try them all.

Some pictures:

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Download Flyme_8_OS Stock_Wallpapers

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