Free Up RAM Usage On Android Devices Using SD Card with RAM Expander app

Free Up RAM Usage On Android Devices Using SD Card with RAM Expander app


For RAM Expander Ram Available On Your Device, You Can Help To Overcome The Problem Of Low Ram That An Android App. This Application Is Available Free Memory On External Sd Card And Use It As A Ram Mount. Well, The Ram For Your Device, As There Are Other Ways To Use Your Sd Card, But This Seems To Be Simple

Features oF RAM Expander

  • Free Sd Card Memory As A Ram Use (Swap Ram / Swap Memory)
  • Swapfile Ram Expansion Up To 4.0 Gb (File System Limit)
  • No Limit On Swap Partition!
  • The Usual Performance Degradation When Paged Not Occur With Sd Card From Class-8
  • Widget For Pnp Swap (Swap On / Off Swap)
  • Detailed Memory Information & Analysis
  • Autorun
  • Swappiness Kernel Parameter Set
  • Easy Foolproof Use (1 Click Optimization And Automatic Calculation)Supporting Tung All Android Devices (Root Access And Kernelswap Support)

RAM_Expander_free_ram (2)

What Need For RAM Expander?

  • A Rooted Device
  • A 10 Class Sd Card


Developer: ROEHSOFT
Price: 10,99 €

Download RAM Expander



How does It work?

  • Download And Install The App
  • Open The Application And Enable Swap And Tweak Setting



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