[ Hot Deal ] Whitening Oil & Light with Big Discount

1) Smart luxsmile Home Use phone Light Private Label Teeth Whitening Kits usb led :

Features :

  • Simple use
  • Fast white
  • Fashion design
  • Easy carry
  • No battery needed
  • Water proof light, support Iphone, Ipad, Android, and power bank
  • Support OEM


Step1. Clean the duplex mouth tray part in water and dry it

Step2. Brush you teeth, rotate the pen or teeth whitening gel at base to

dispense tht gel

Step3. Hold a wide smile, apply thin layer of the gel on tooth surface

Step4. Connect the LED light with your cellphone or powderbank: put the tray

into mouth and bite

Step5. After 20-30 minutes, take out the tray and rinse mouth with lukewarm water

Step6. Clean mouth tray and dry it.

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2) Natural Organic Coconut Oil Pulling Whitening Mouthwash Sachet by LUXSMILE :


Oil pulling is from the Ayurvedic medicine and is used for more than 3000 years.
It is a very simple method: Just swish coconut around the mouth, pulling it through the teeth and gums for a 5 up to 20 minutes daily.
This oil pulling method is used as a holistic preventative action and remedy for a variety of health issues.
The most important part is, that oil pulling is a way to remove bacteria from the mouth and promote strong oral and gum health.

Product Name:

100% Natural Organic Coconut Oil Pulling Whitening Mouthwash Sachet by LUXSMILE

Flavor:mint flavor

Ingredient:Coconut shell , peppermint flavoring


OEM:Customized Pouches + Boxes

Shelf life:18 months

Storage:Store in a cool dry place, no need to refrigerate.Oil can be used in a solid or liquid form.

Ingredients:Organic Virgin, Coconut Oil, Mint Flavouring


– Open one packet by tearing it or using scissors.
– Use one packet for one treatment.
– Swish oil in mouth from 5 to 20 minutes. Built up gradually. Best results at 10-15 minutes.
– Spit oil out in trash.
– Rinse mouth and brush teeth as usual.

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Coupon : 6QPG0TT3WJTK

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