How to Bypass Admin Password on Windows 7/8/10 Computer

Like all working days you come from your office and you need to complete your office work, you turn on your computer to complete the remaining office work but suddenly you know that the password you are entering to turn on your computer is incorrect now you are worried about and you tried your all possible passwords that you can remember but still not worked and not accepting the password your computer is locked because you don’t remember the password and you cannot access your important files and documents without entering your correct password. So here is the guide Bypass Admin Password on Windows 7/8/10 Computer with PassFolk SaverWin Windows Software.

In the world, many people facing this problem and don’t know what to do and they take the computer to any service station where they damage your all-important files and documents and sometimes they delete your all files to make your computer empty and for you valueless.

Several Things Will Happen With You If You Forget Your Password

  • You cannot access your important files and documents that will delete automatically after some time
  • Your memorable pictures, audios, videos and many other things are gone forever
  • After this, if you backed up your phone with your device so you can’t access it

But the thing is that every problem has a solution after the research I suggest you the solution to this problem in different ways given below

Method 1: Bypass Windows Password From SAC Account

SAC account means Super Administrator Account. It is the best and super feature that is provided by the Windows 10 users by the Microsoft if you forgot your windows password this feature will help you to get back to your computer. I will tell you about SAC in this article step by step.

  1. Start your computer and wait till it shows the welcome screen
  2. Now from your keyboard enter the shift key 5 times to activate the SAC account
  3. After this start your computer and go to the control panel of the computer.
  4. Now in the control panel from the user profile, you have to change the password of your account and then confirm your changes
  5. Now reboot your PC and enter your new password to get access to your computer.

How To Bypass Windows Password From SAC Account

Important Note: Remember that you have to create SAC account before locking your computer

Method 3: Bypass Your Computer Windows Password With PassFolk SaverWin

 By chance, if you don’t have any SAC account so there is no need to worried about your looked computer there is another way to reset your password through PassFolk SaverWin Free a third party software. It is the perfect and effective software to bypass windows 7/8/10 of your computer password in minutes. With the help of this software, you can reset your administrator and local account password

I will tell you how to use it step by step, follow all the steps to reset the password on windows 7/8/10 computer.

Step 1: Find Another Computer To Install PassFolk SaverWin

Before start this program, you need to download the PassFolk SaverWin software on another computer, them install and launch it.

Bypass Admin Password on Windows 4

Step 2: Insert Your External Storage Device

Next insert the empty USB drive to burn the files into the disk and select the name of your device and click on the option named as “Burn USB”.

Step 3: Set Windows boot from USB or DVD

 After this ,Insert the bootable disk into the locked computer and reboot it. To activate the boot menu press the F2, F8, ESC or Del key from computer keyboard. Then,select the USB drive name and press the enter button of  keyboard.

Bypass Admin Password on Windows 5

Step 4: Now Reset The Login Account Password

After the boot process is complete the recovery of windows password page will be shown on the screen of the computer, in this screen,select the username from the given list and click on the reset password. then the password will be set as blank in a few seconds now you can turn on your computer without any password

Bypass Admin Password on Windows 1

Method 3: Crack Windows Password Using Hint Password

 When you are setting your new password there is another thing that is called password hint. Most people setup password hint come kind of numbers, date of birth or any memorable thing that easily represents the main password. Now if you have forgotten the Windows 7/8/10  password then you have to click on the password hint option when you are starting your computer.

We all know this method is not ideal and perfect but many people logged in to their computer through this method when they forget the main password

Bypass Admin Password on Windows 2

If you could not remember your windows password by using this password hint method so don’t worry I have more methods also. All methods are present in this article read carefully step by step.


In this article, 3 ways given to bypass your windows login password,I assured you that all types of the password can be reset with all these methods, but by contrast,Super Administrator Account and Hint Password are not helpful to those with no relevant experience ,because they involve a lot of expertise. Don’t worry, the PassFolk SaverWin Free will help you,Its program is very simple and you can reset the password without deleting your personal and important data.

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