How To Repair Hard Bricked A Dead OnePlus 7 Pro

If your OnePlus 7 Pro is bricked, you will be faced with an unresponsive black screen. Don’t worry here we share a complete guide to unbrick OnePlus 7 Pro. A few days ago OnePlus launched there latest device OnePlus 7 Pro in the Global smartphone market. OnePlus continues to ship devices with an unlocked bootloader. In addition, you won’t lose the OnePlus warranty when you root your device. OnePlus featured more developer friendly option than other bands. However some ROM and mod not secure for your device. This incorrect process may brick your device. So here we share how to Repair Hard Bricked a dead OnePlus 7 Pro.

How To Unbrick OnePlus 7 Pro

After launching the device already many customizations is available for OnePlus 7 Pro. The developer already released TWRP and Root for OnePlus 7 Pro. If you plug charger and do not see any charging icon then your device bricked. Honestly, most device can be unbricked and work well as before, so follow this guide to repair dead OnePlus 7 Pro. This process is done with the official Oneplus tool it makes recover your device easier way.

The following hardware revisions are supported:

  • GM1910: China
  • GM1911: India
  • GM1913: Europe
  • GM1917: Global/US Unlocked

A bricked device that does not start properly or stuck in boot screen or nothing show on your screen (black screen). You can unbrick OnePlus 7 Pro in some easy steps. Thanks to the OnePlus forum to share this method to Repair Hard Bricked a dead OnePlus 7 Pro using MsmDownload Tool. So let’s go to the instruction.


  • Charge your OnePlus 7 Pro for about 30-40 minutes, which is enough for this process.
  • Download Oneplus7Pro Guac Recov package from below for your device and extract on your computer.
  • Read the instruction carefully.


Oneplus7Pro Guac Recov package

How To Repair Hard Bricked OnePlus 7 Pro:

  • First, go to the Guac Recov package folder where you extracted and open it.
  • Now you need to install some driver.
    • Open the “L2 driver” folder.

OP7Pro repair 1

    • Then select 32 or 64 folders. If your operating system runs on 64bit architecture then select 64-folder either select 32-folder.
    • Checking: Click on My Computer icon > Properties > About and get the information.
    • Once you open a folder you can find a file that ends with ‘ .cat ‘ extension. The file names are in folder ’32’ and in folder ’64’ respectively.
    • Right click on the .cat file and select ‘Properties’ option”.
    • Now click ‘View Signature‘ tab, select the signature from the signature list and double click on it.

OP7Pro repair 4

    • Once the dialog box called Digital Signature details opens, click on ‘View certificate’.

OP7Pro repair 5

    • Now click on Install certificate to install the certificate.

OP7Pro repair 6

  • Installing drivers is absolutely critical to this process. You cannot continue before doing these steps. Once you have done go to the next steps.
  • Connect USB cable in your PC/Laptop and follow the below step carefully to connect your device.
  • Press the phone’s Volume up + Volume down buttons simultaneously for five seconds, and while you continue to hold down the button, plug the USB cable into the OnePlus 7 Pro. (This will install all the drivers automatically on your computer)
  • Now open device manager by right click on the PC icon to check your device successfully connected or not.
  • You will see a “Qualcomm QD loader” device tab in Device Manager. (Note: If you don’t see this option or see an exclamation mark against it then, you need to perform all the steps again)
  • Once you see Qualcomm QD loader device in Device Manager, now you can use MsmDownloadTool to repair OnePlus 7 Pro.
  • Now open firmware folder then right click on MsmDownloadTool v4.0.exe and open via “Run as administrator”.

OP7Pro repair 7

  • Then click on the Start button in the top of the left corner (Don’t click anything else on the MSM download tool).

OP7Pro repair 9

  • Wait for the process to complete, it may take a few minutes.
  • Once the process is complete, a green text will appear and done.

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