Guide To Root & Unroot Redmi Note Pro All version

Guide To Root & Unroot Redmi Note Pro All version

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I came across a simple root and unroot than trawling method, although foreign forum, because I’m looking for everything and millet miui better before. I came across this new and improved method of the non-defective automatic restart after unrooting program trying to say is that all credits to the PC boy @ now we can root and any notes unroot redmi stable rom.

Updated And Improved Methods [TD + W] Are As Follows:-

1. How To Root:-

  1. Download Root.Zip File Hear
  2. Copied To An External SD Card
  3. Enter The Update Application
  4. Select The Menu
  5. Select The Update Package Label
  6. Find And Select The Path Rootonly.Zip
  7. Reboot The Device Will Resume The Installation
  8. After Re-Start
  9. Select Secure Application
  10. Select The Permissions Tab
  11. Check The Root Tag
  12. !!! This Is It Well, You Take Root!

2. How To Unroot:-

  • Download Unroot.Zip File Hear
  • To Unroot Using The Same Method, But Choose Unroot.Zip
  • After Rebooting Into Recovery
  • !!! This Is It Doing Well, You Are Unrooted!


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