How to Spy Phones with Spyzie (Android and iPhone)

Are you looking for best Spying app for your Android and iPhone? Spyzie is one of the best spying app to Spy Phones. You can use it to locate your cell phone, Track GPS Location, Monitor Phone Calls, Browse Contacts, and also you can monitor and control Apps and many more features. Spyzie Android and iPhone spying app can meet all your spying phone requirements, it is easy-to-use and ad-free. Spyzie is an amazing tool helps you to track cell phone free also you can spy on your friend, girlfriend and your family member cell phone with Spyzie. Want to track, locate cell phone free? Get call logs, Messages, Browsing History, E-mails, APP Activity Spyzie is the only one choice for you. There are lots of spying features on Spyzie you can visit spy official website for more information. Next, I will show you with more features of Spyzie.

Nowadays, spying has become very common because of a lack of belief in others people are searching how to hack phone number location. Humanity has turned a little, but there are reasons for that. Still, do not accept this as a challenge to be able to test your detective skills. They can take you through some huge problems. One of the most common to try and do is spy on a device. But today we will focus on Android espionage. Of course, the simplest and most common thing is to use a spy application. I hope you’re not thinking about picking up the phone and trying to solve the password puzzle. There are much simpler ways to do this. You can use Android tracking apps for several legitimate reasons.

Of all operating systems, monitoring an Android device is very easy. Because of the security system, it is very vulnerable in mobile phones. In addition, this happens without the knowledge of the owner. Now, back to the subject How to Spy Phones with Spyzie Android and iPhone device. Before we start the guide I will show you some interesting features of Spyzie you would like.

Features of Spyzie:

  • Locate cell phone: Always Keep Track On Target`s Location with GPS, Set Geofencing And Get Alerts When Target Get Cross, Track the Target`s Location Locations via Wi-Fi Hotspots.
  • Protect Your Family member and Kids: Block Certain Apps To Keep Threats Away with App Blocker. Set Schedule To Restrict Mobile Phone Usage.
  • Get Logs History From the cell phone: Check The Detailed Calllog Of Target Device with Calllog option. Check The Browsing History Of Target Device from Browsing History option. Get APP Activity Know All The App Usages, activities And Durations. Keylogger Automatically Record All The Input Information.
  • Get Cell Phone Data: Get Contacts, Check All The Text Messages On Target Device, Read Details of All Incoming/Outgoing Emails, View Videos And Photo Albums On Target Device, View Documents Stored on Your Kid’s Phone Remotely, Track the Notes and Voice Memos On Target Device and more.
  • Track Sim Data: Sim Tracker – Detect and Send Details of Any SIM Card Change, Clue – View Deleted SMS, Calls, Photos and Videos on Target Phone.
  • Get Social App Data: Check All Messages On WhatsApp, Check All Messages On Facebook And Facebook Messenger, Check All Messages And Photos On Instagram App, Check All Messages On Wechat App.

Spyzie app Features

Spy Android and iPhones Easily with Spyzie

Spyzie is an expert for spying, monitoring, controlling Android and iPhones. This wonderful spy app will help you to track, locate, monitor your loved ones cell phone. I will guide you how to use Spyzie to track, locate, monitor, spy your loved ones cell phone. 

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone: iOS 10, iOS 11 and latest iOS 12.
  • Android: Android 6.0, Android 7.0, Android 8.0, and Support the latest Android 9 Pie.

Download Spyzie for Windows & Mac

Download Android  / Download iPhone

How to Spy Phones with Spyzie Android Guide

1. First, register your account in spy official website with email id and password you will get a free trial account, and log in from here

2. In the login page Provide all the Necessary Information name, age Mobile device etc.

spyzie guide

3. Now visit on your android device to install Spyzie App, Enable Unknown source from setting to install the apk the app name is “System Update Service” it will run in the background.

  • Now open the app and follow all the steps on the app and sign in with your spyzie account.
  • Disable Google play protect to spyzie make work properly and tap “Already disabled continue“.
  • To Get real-time device status Enable System Update Service from Accessibility.
  • Allow System Update Service usage access and notification access.
  • Set spyzie as the device administrator. And grant all permission in to spy the cell phone.
  •  And at the end, you can hide the spyzie app icon or you can keep and tap start monitoring.

4. Go to and go to the next step and press start monitoring that’s it.

5. Now you can see all the cell phone information on spyzie dashboard.

spyzie guide 2 1024x498

6. Now go to any tracking tab to monitor spy the cell phone.

7. Get Calls logs from Calls tab

spyzie Calls logs

8. Get phone Contacts from the Contacts tab.

spyzie Contacts spy

9. Get Messages from the Messages tab.

spyzie Messages spy

10. To get the current location of the device go to the Locations tab.

spyzie Locations spy 1


11. And the best feature I like automatic screen capture you can enable it from Smart Capture Tab.

spyzie Smart Capture

  • There are more spying features on spyzie you can explore it from spyzie dashboard tab.

Final Thoughts: It is the best Spying app for Spy Android and iPhones If you see the features 🙂

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