Download Customized Huawei Honor LUX MIUI Theme (V8 Theme)

Here is the Huawei Honor LUX MIUI Theme for MIUI running smartphones. You can download and use it now. As the developer of this theme said the name of this theme is LUX. LUX is the name because the theme is built with golden and brown in color. If you love those colors you can consider this theme for your use. We already posted many of the best themes of MIUI and this is also one of them.Theme changes messaging and many other system apps and notification panel. Also, icons are changed and the theme is fully filled with golden and brown color. So just follow the post to Download Customized Huawei Honor LUX MIUI Theme (V8 Theme).

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Check the below screenshots for more visual reference.The Customized Huawei Honor LUX MIUI Theme (V8 Theme). MIUI Pixel experience theme is modified version of the previous theme. This theme is developed by MIUI Designer Team all credits goes to them. If you love Huawei theme which is golden and brown in color just try out this theme.


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⇓⇓ Downloads Huawei Honor LUX MIUI Theme ⇓⇓


Guide To Install:

  • Download the above ZIP and extract it. There you will see three themes in .mtz extension. 
  • Copy all the three files to your phone or SD card.
  • Now open the Themes App from your device
  • There you will see all the downloaded themes, scroll down and click on import.
  • Now search your theme (.mtz) theme file.
  • The theme will install and appear in offline tab automatically.
  • Select the theme and click on apply.

Done, Now enjoy the Huawei Honor LUX MIUI Theme on your Xiaomi devices. If you like the post don’t forget to share it. If you have any problems comment below in the comment box. Also, you can message us at our official Facebook page Xiaomi Dev.

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