Huawei Honor V8 Unboxing and Camera Shots Antutu Score

Honor V8 unboxed

May 10 evening, huawei Honor released a new Smartphone Honor v8, last year’s released released Honor 7 flagship products, and in all aspects have been evolved. Especially full released v8 high version using Full netcom top V8 has Kirin series Hisilicon Kirin 950 processors and is equipped with 2k resolution super clear screen, to further improve performance.

The v8 Honor in appearance made some changes, first gave up the id design without borders in the past has been used, instead of the traditional ultra-narrow border, while ensuring at the same time the proportion of screen to control the black frame of the screen even white bright screen version in the state is also very pleasing to the eye. In addition, to change the past Honoe series fuselage bottom (chin) too open questions Honor v8 joined in front of honor logo. Use 2.5d screen also further increase the operating feel to a certain extent.

Honor V8 Box

The Honor v8 is still using a black box, giving a deep feeling of the atmosphere, but also a lot of weight in your hand.

Honor V8 With vr box

Virtual Reality and phone same in the box , we need to be careful when Unboxing , in the wrong direction may cause the phone to fall out.

Honor V8 Vr

A major feature of Honor v8 is support for the current vr virtual reality technology, it is a simple box of vr glasses.

v8 three versions are standard fast charge a battery charger 9v / 2a, according to the presentation conference, the phone’s built 3500mah battery, even under heavy use may also insisted 1.26 days of life,  Used usb type-c, the interface has become the flagship phone standard.

V8 of the original film marked the sim card slot specifications and function buttons on the right side of the three buttons from top to bottom are the volume keys, power key .

you can see the body of the phone. The glory v8 is champagne gold color, the official also provided a light platinum gold, rose gold, ice silver, elegant gray, white ceramic total of six colors for your choice.


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Although they use 5.7-inch screen, measurements were 157.00 × 77.60 × 7.75mm, and 5.5 inch apple iphone 6s plus (158.2 × 77.9 × 7.3mm) par. Accustomed to the big screen mobile phone users should easily be able to control this glorious v8.

Honor v8 using two 12 Mega-pixel camera, f / 2.2 aperture, and supports a range equivalent aperture f / 0.95 to f / 16, the large aperture lower endurance ability. This design has appeared in Honpe 6 plus, after two years of precipitation technology, function has become more powerful. It is worth mentioning that the two cameras without any projection, but a little concave, when used without fear of being bump.

The two Version pf v8 camera is a black and white, one color, two cameras simultaneously at the time of shooting. Black and white camera captures detail image clearer; color camera to capture color, color more full. It is worth mentioning that, when shooting black and white photographs, traditional smartphone plus black and white to color photo filters to achieve the effect of imitating. The v8 glory when shooting black and white photographs, black and white camera work alone, have not been originally photographed in black and white photo processing, and therefore richer detail, the picture is more delicate.

Honor V8 sim sd slot

Honor v8 high version using a pick two card slot, which is simultaneously placed two nano-sim card, or into a nano-sim card and a mcirosd (tf) card, maximum support 128gb memory card extension, this design allows for simultaneous dual card storage space required by the user a little tangled, but fortunately high version has 64gb of storage space, you can put down a lot of the data itself.

v8 high version supports the entire network and double-blind card is inserted, in addition to two telecom card can not be used outside, you can achieve any two of the three operators phone card portfolio, and telecom phone cards can also be connected as a secondary card phone calls and send and receive text messages. Further v8 high version also supports 4g + and volte networks, wireless cellular highest download speeds up to 300mbps .

Inside the v8 equipped with emui4.1 based on Android 6.0 operating system. After several years of development, emui has been very mature, but also get a lot of users. The Honor v8 also brings some new features.

Honor V8 Emui 4 1

Honor V8 Emui 4 2

About the Performance The v8 high version equipped with Kirin 950 series processors, this processor uses 16nm process, with four core 2.5ghz a72 architecture and the four core 1.8ghz a53 architecture. Overall performance is very close to qualcomm Snapdragon 820. Together with 4gb large memory to run, to ensure that the vast majority of applications and games run smoothly.

v8 netcom high version made nearly 99000a antutu Score, though, and qualcomm Snapdragon 820 apple a9 and there is a certain distance, but the actual experience in this segment and score system is basically no fluency what differences.

Honor v8 antutu

About Honor V8 Camera

v8 dual camera support iris f / 0.95 to f / 16’s. large aperture can achieve a wide range of similar slr bokeh effect, suitable for shooting portraits and still lifes. the small aperture is able to bring more details for photographing landscapes.


Honor V8 Camera 3

Honor V8 Camera 2

Honor V8 Camera 1

More Shots 

V8 Honor this year as the flagship series, either the hardware configuration or appearance are impressive. Reproduce dual camera phone photography enthusiasts but also to bring the gospel, excellent photographic effect proves domestic mobile phone with samsung, apple in the camera field has no big gap. Also new Smart KeyButton brings greater playability, performance hass Kirin 950 has reached a high level, whether it is for business or office focused attention to the gaming experience of young users, are in the v8 get a more satisfying experience

Honor v8 specifications:-

  • – Android 6.0, emui 4.1 system
    – (resolution 1920 x 1080) 5.7-inch 2k screen (2560 x 1440 resolution) / 5.7 inch fhd screen
    – Hisilicon kirin 950 eight-core processor
    – Mali t880 graphics processor
    – 4gb ram + 32gb / 64gb rom
    – Supports up to 128gb memory card
    – Dual 12 Mega pixels main camera, f2.2 aperture, 6p lens group
    – 8 -megapixel front camera, f2.4 aperture
    – Usb type-c
    – Bluetooth 4.1
    – Fingerprint reader
    – Sm ar Key 2.0 key
    – 157 x 77.6 x 7.8mm size
    – 170g weight
    – 3500mah battery


Honor V8 (4GB RAM + 32GB ROM + FHD Display + NO NFC): 2299 Yuan ~ $352

Honor V8 (4GB RAM + 32GB ROM  + FHD display + NFC): 2499 Yuan ~ $383

Honor V8 Top-End (4GB RAM + 64GB ROM + 2K Display + NFC): 2799 Yuan ~ $429

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