Download iOS 11 X Theme For MIUI 9, MIUI 8 and other Xiaomi Devices

This is the latest update from us just go and Download iOS 11 X Theme For MIUI 9 And MIUI Devices, and follow the instructions.

This is an iOS 11 X theme for any Xiaomi devices or MIUI devices. This theme has the same look as iOS 11X does which is actually pretty good. The icons, wallpapers and many others cool things of ios 11X’s have added into this theme.As we all know the iOS 11 X is the official ROM of iPhones. So there is a plus point for those users who are planning to buy a new iPhone.This theme looks and works as same as the original iOS 11X ROM. There are some screenshots of this theme in down below, and also don’t forget to check out the features of this theme.

Features Of This Theme:-

  • New Icons
  • New Volume BG
  • Latest System UI
  • Dial pad
  • Applications Renamed
  • lock screen
  • Boot animation and Logo
  • Font support Unicode logo
  • iOS X Lockscreen Redesigned
  • Module apps
    • Whatsapp
    • Instagram
    • Music app
    • Play store (app store)
    • Youtube
  • Updater And more

Check the below screenshots for more visual reference. Thanks to the surya29 developer in MIUI forum. He modified this theme and all credits go to him for this work. iOS 11 X MIUI theme is iOS 11X UI based. iOS 11 X MIUI theme is a modified version. I am sure that if you like iPhone then you will love this theme. If you love the iOS 11X then give it a try. It’s the best theme available now in MIUI.


Download iOS 11 X Theme For MIUI 9, MIUI 8


How To Apply iOS 11 X Theme On MIUI 9:- 

  • Download the .mtz file and copy the theme to your phone.
  • Open miui theme application in your phone.
  • Apply offline import theme.
  • Then just select and apply the theme…

Now we are done. Enjoy this theme in your MI devices, share with others. Don’t forget to check our Themes Section.

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