Download Latest Gradient iPhone 11 EMUI Theme for EMUI 9/9.1 Devices

Emotion User Interface (EMUI) is a ROM/OS that is developed by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. based on Google’s Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Mainly developed for Huawei smartphones it’s their official UI.  EMUI has a simple and easy interface and many themes are available for EMUI. One of the themes is made by an EMUI Themes Forum Member. The gradient iPhone 11 EMUI Theme for EMUI 9 and 9.1 devices has a new icon and they look much better. It looks great on Honor Play. Also, the red/dark color will save battery on many devices.

The theme will work on any device running EMUI. Not to worry about that. Just download it from the below link and read the How to apply the theme and apply the theme on your smartphone. The theme will work with the latest EMUI 9/9.1 devices.  Features are added in theme, new icons, new toolbars, etc. just scroll down and download the theme.  This theme will only work on EMUI 9/9.1 devices. Thanks to the developer HAMZIO7 for these awesome themes. Support him by buying the paid theme if you like.



Gradient iPhone 11 EMUI Theme Screens

There is a total of 1 theme only. The theme will change notification bar, status bar, icons and much more. You want a good premium theme download this theme it will look great on your smartphone. Screenshots are provided above see them if you like them to download the theme now from the below link. Just click on the link below to download the theme. After the file downloaded, follow the instructions below.

Download iPhone 11 EMUI Theme for EMUI 9/9.1 Devices:

Free Version

Paid Version

iOS Midnight - EMUI 9.0/9.1 Theme
iOS Midnight - EMUI 9.0/9.1 Theme

How To Apply Theme:-

  1. Just download and install the theme.
  2. Apply the theme from Huawei Theme store.

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