LG Knock Code Lock For All Android Device

LG Knock Code Lock For All Android Device

Knock Code_2

LG Knock Code Lock For All Android Device

Step 1: – First, Download And Xposed Frame On Your Device By Clicking On The Button Below.

Download Xposed Framework

Step 2: – Install Now Open And Active On Your Device Up.

Step 3: – Now From Xposed Install The Application, You Can Go To Download Section, Search For Knock Code (On The Screen), And Install The Latest Version. You Can Also Install The MOD Directly From Here.

Step 4: – Now Install The Activation Codes Xposed Open Application Framework Knock (On The Screen) After.

Step 5: – Now Reboot Your Device.

Step 6: – After Reboot, Make Sure You Have Set The Mode Locked In Your Device, If Not, Then Go To Your Device Settings >> Security Products >> Screen Lock >>, And Then Add A Mode-Locking (Which Is To Restore, If You Forget The Code You Knock Mode).Set-Pattern-Lock-in-your-deviceStep 7: – Set Mode-Locked Knock You Open The Application Code From The Application Drawer, And Click The Change Password Option Is Set To Knock Lock Code Mode.


Step 8: – Now Set The Desired Pattern To Unlock The Device.

Is The Way Now From The Next Time You Unlock Your Device, You’Ll Get On The Four Screens, You Just Tap Them To Unlock The Device The Way, It Is Not That Cool?

Knock-Code-Lock-Screen-Pattern Knock-Code-Lock-Screen

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