Nubia’s new Gaming Smartphone Red Magic 3 coming with 30W fast charge

Recently, Weibo users found a new device in Nubia Red Magic, the model is NX629J, suspected to be the new device of the Nubia’s gaming smartphone Red Magic – Red Magic 3.

From the network information, the NX629J is equipped with a fast charging head with a maximum power of 15V2A=30W. This high fast charging power fits well with the large battery of the Red Magic 3 over 5000mAh.

Earlier, Ni Fei had revealed that the battery capacity of the Nubian Red Magic 3 started with “5”, indicating that it is equipped with a battery capacity of not less than 5000mAh. It is also the domestically produced Snapdragon 855 processor with the largest battery capacity.

In addition, he also said that Red Magic 3 is equipped with the strongest mobile processing platform in the industry, equipped with the highest operating memory in the industry. It is suggested that the Nubian Red Magic 3 will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 flagship platform with 12GB of memory.

In addition, the Red Magic 3 is also equipped with air-cooled + liquid cooling module, built-in PC-class turbo fan, intelligent temperature control automatic frequency conversion adjustment, the fan will intelligently adjust the fan speed according to the load and temperature of the phone, to achieve the most Excellent cooling effect, can be cool and quiet under different loads.

The nubia Red Magic 3 is also certified in 3C certification: here is the “alleged” 3C certification

nubia red magic 3 3C certification

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