How To Get Fabulous OnePlus Camera For 10.or G With Watermark

The OnePlus Camera app that is available for 10.or G with watermark enabled and fully user customizable subtext. The 10.or company previous year launched 10.or G low-budget with great specs and camera. But the stock camera app doesn’t bring watermark features also the OnePlus Camera app gives good quality image and colour reproduction. So first talk about OnePlus camera features then we download OnePlus Camera for 10.or G.

The OnePlus Camera app provides better manual control options, better portrait and HDR processing along with a stable 1080p full HD video recording. The 10.or G doesn’t support 4K video recording so does not enable 4K video recording option, it crashes the application. Overall, the OnePlus camera app is more refined and better than the stock camera.

OnePlus Camera app

OnePlus Camera For 10.or G

Interestingly, the OnePlus Camera app can be installed on a Rooted as well as on a Non-Rooted 10.or G. The OnePlus camera as also knows as OxygenOS Camera. This ported OxygenOS camera will support on 10.or G smartphone. The OnePlus camera comes with a simple “.apk” format, so you can easily install it as a simple apk installation process. This camera app in short open camera does not contain any ads also, comes with lots of features. It gives you a better quality photo also it gives you to enable Pro mode, slow-motion, panorama.

10.or G watermark Demo:

OnePlus Camera app 2

OnePlus Camera Features:

  • Pro-Mood
  • Panorama
  • Slow-motion
  • Time-lapse
  • Watermark
  • Fully customizable subtext.

Thanks to XDA developer ‘AKS12’ to port OOS camera for 10.or G. If you love photography and you want to Improve Image quality and best colour reproduction of your device then you must try OnePlus camera app for 10.or G.

Download OnePlus Camera App for 10.or G


Install OnePlus Camera App on rooted and non-rooted 10.or G

  • Download The OPC_10.or_G_v2.apk file.
  • Then Copy the downloaded file to your mobile or tablets in internal or external storage.
  • Now enable Unknown Sources options from Settings > Security or Settings > Additional settings > Privacy.
  • Install OPC_10.or_G_v2.apk and Open the camera app on your device and Give all the permission.
  • Now enjoy.

Now you can enjoy OnePlus Camera. Do not forget to Share the most beautiful pictures taken by you in the comment section below.

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