Guide to Remove Bloatware On OnePlus 5 Running On Oxygen OS

Guide to Remove Bloatware On OnePlus 5 Running On Oxygen OS

Remove Bloatware On OnePlus 5Guide to Remove Bloatware On OnePlus 5 Running On Oxygen OS. One Plus 5 the new high-end device from OnePlus. OPO 5 is having much more high specifications already. OnePlus have a lot of RAM already and the presence of bloatware will not bother at all. But still, if you want to remove the bloatware then you can follow up the guide. OnePlus official OS oxygen is based on somewhat stock Android and contains less bloatware though. If you want to remove the bloatware all remaining then you should follow this post. If you are new to this and doesn’t know why to remove the unnecessary apps then read a few lines below.

What Is Bloatware? Why Remove It?

Bloatware is just unnecessary apps. In simple words, these are apps which can be built in by company or OS. Though the bloatware will not bother in the OnePlus 5 which is a high-end device. But, devices which contain high bloatware, and having less storage will surely bother. In OnePlus 5 there is less bloatware compared to other smartphones. Here are the few reasons to remove bloatware.

  • Free Storage space which is occupied by the Bloatware
  • Free the RAM from Bloatware
  • Less consumption of battery by Bloatware
  • Phones which have low ram will work more efficiently

That’s enough information, let’s head towards our Guide to Remove Bloatware On OnePlus 5 Running On Oxygen OS. This script which is used to remove the bloatware is developed by an XDA Forum member SyCreed. You will need following before removing the bloatware.

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  • OnePlus 5 running on Oxygen OS
  • Rooted OnePlus 5 and TWRP Installed, Here is the Guide->

Warning: You are doing this on your own!! Take a backup before doing the below process.


⇓⇓ Downloads ⇓⇓


Guide To Remove The Bloatware:

  • Download the above ZIP file and copy it your OnePlus 5 storage.
  • Boot your device into recovery by holding POWER + VOL DOWN buttons.
  • Take an NANdroid backup, to be on safe side.
  • Tap on install navigates to the OxygenOs_Debloater_XXXX.Zip.
  • Swipe it to flash the ZIP.
  • When you flash the ZIP an Aroma installer will be activated.
  • It will let you select the system apps (bloatware) to remove.
  • Select the bloatware to remove and click on next until it uninstalls the selected apps.
  • Once, the apps are uninstalled go back to TWRP menu and tap on the wipe and select the Cache and Dalvik Cache partitions.
  • Swipe to wipe the partitions. After that reboot the system.

Done!! You have uninstalled the bloatware in OnePlus 5. Now you are free from unnecessary system apps. If you like the post Don’t forget to share it!! If you have any problem you reach us at our official Facebook Page.

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