Download Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Live Wallpapers (S10,S10E,S10 5G Available Now)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series is the latest smartphone launched by Samsung in its much-hyped Galaxy S. Samsung Galaxy S10 specifications known now. So let’s go with the specifications.  This Galaxy S10 5G has with the Snapdragon 855/Exynos 9820. These things make it look more good. On top of that, We have already posted the Stock wallpapers of the galaxy S10 series. Its the new wallpaper which is trending now. The Galaxy S10 Plus Live Wallpapers. Its really looks cool , don’t know the effect on battery though.

Live Wallpapers:

As per the response many of you guys liked the below waterdrop wallpaper. So here we are coming up with more wallpapers. These are selected top 6 video live wallpapers for Galaxy S10 Plus. Thanls to the reddit subforum for this awesome live wallpapers. The list of live wallpapers are given below with the download link and video. check that out!!

WaterDrop Live Wallpaper:

Its the newest wallpaper which is trending now. Most of the users are asking about this wallpaper. So here we are posting the same. I saw this wallpaper video was posted by Smartprix facebook page. Here is the video of that wallpaper.

Its cool right? Download the wallpaper from below link, and set it as live wallpaper. Its easy right? Just download from the link below. Though it may have impact on battery life but if you wanna try something new this is the thing you can try Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Waterdrop Live Wallpaper.

Water Drop Live Wallpapers:

For Galaxy S10 Plus

For Galaxy S10E

For Galaxy S10 5G

For Galaxy S10

How To Apply:

  1. Long press “Home screen”.
  2. Choose “wallpapers and themes”
  3. Under “My Wallpapers” click on “VEIW ALL >”
  4. Click on the 3 dots on the top right hand side of your phone. “Live Wallpapers” will appear.
  5. select “Live Wallpapers”.

If this is not working for you just download the below live wallpaper short cut app. Open it and it will show the live wallpapers.

Live Wallpaper Shortcut
Live Wallpaper Shortcut
Developer: Ben Paul
Price: Free

How To Apply For All Android Devices:

1.) Just download the below app. Its simple just 2MB size app.

Video Live Wallpaper
Video Live Wallpaper
Developer: NAINGDroid
Price: Free+

2.) Open the app and search for the live Wallpaper you want to set.

3.) Select it and set it as your lockscreen or homescreen wallpaper as per your choice.


Other Live Wallpapers:

1.) Keenu Reeves CyberPunk

This is the best one wallpaper!! The Keenu reeves entered in Cyberpunk 2077 entry video you can set it as lockscreen or homescreen as per your choice.

2.) Goku

If you love Goku then this one is for you guys. you can set it as lockscreen or homescreen as per your choice.

3.) Time Wimey

This one is also good and looks good on homescreen specially.

4.) MTB lovers

here is the MTB lovers live wallpaper for you. You can set it as lockscreen/Homescreen on your S10 Plus.

5.) Wick Light

The wick light is simple wallpaper, if you like the simple ones.

6.) Hard Rock Cafe Little Vegas

The Hard Rock Cafe guitar with lighting on slowly is the good one you get as live wall.

See all above 6 wallpapers Screens from below video.


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