Download Samsung Game Plugins APK, Game Booster, FPS Stats

Nowadays every OEM manufacturer now releasing its dedicated games booster or FPS viewer etc. Because of the trends of the latest gaming smartphones, there are lots of software functions are releasing for the optimum experience of the games. So the Samsung is now providing the same via its Good Lock apps. Note that these apps will work only on Galaxy devices. Game boosters are just a thing in mobile devices and personally don’t think it makes much impact. But the other features like DND while gaming, FPS displayer, auto close other apps features are great. Personally, I liked Poco (Xiaomi) game booster which also included or you can say enabled to use the other apps in small windows along with games. So if you have the Samsung Galaxy devices you must try Samsung Game Plugins APK, Samsung Game Booster APK, FPS displayer plugins.

What’s Samsung Game Plugins and Samsung Game Booster:

Just like other OEM’s apps this app can optimize games to an extent like closing apps and getting more free memory. It can close or force stop other apps to get more free RAM which will be helpful to use for gaming requirements. The plugins like PERFZ, Daily Limits are available in the booster. Talking about PERFZ it gives all the information like CPU stats, CPU usage, FPS (Frames per second), GPU usage, temperature, etc. So if you feel like your device is running like really really hot you can monitor it always. Talking about the Daily Limit its the plugin which will game you information like how much time you have played the game, durations, etc like Google Wellbeing.

So if you have Samsung Galaxy Device, you should try out this Samsung Game Plugins APK, Samsung Game Booster APK, FPS plugins. Though there are not many plugins that are not available yet. But I will surely update them once they are available. Till then download the Samsung Game Plugins APK, Samsung Game Booster APK, FPS displayer and daily limits plugins from below links.

Download Samsung Game Plugins APK:


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