Download Latest Samsung Icon Packs For 2020 [Free Available]

Samsung after the criticism of their older TouchWiz UI launched the One UI. This is the most beautiful and best UI I have seen on any manufacturer. The ONE UI launched last year which changed everything for Samsung smartphones. TouchWiz UI was so much pain when used in the Samsung budget devices it’s just known as HangSung that time. Anyway, there are lots of customizations options are available now with One UI. Themes, fonts, icons, wallpapers everything made customizable and there are lots of stuff available on Galaxy Store. So here I have gathered some of the best Samsung Icons Packs for 2020. These icon packs for Samsung are available free. The Android icons packs just make the visuals better when applied. So check out the below Samsung Icon Packs for 2020. I have provided download links for Icon Packs for Samsung as well.

Samsung Icon Packs:

You can use these icons packs for Samsung on any theme. You just need to download the icon pack and install. Then just by browsing through Themes and then icons you can set any icon packs. So no need to change the whole theme for just changing the icons. So check out the below list and grab whichever icon packs you want.
NOTE: The download links will only open in Samsung Smartphones.

1.) Pixelize (Round)

Its the Pixel themes Android icon packs you can apply it on your Samsung devices. The icons are round-shaped and can replace most of the apps. If you want the more pixelized experience you can download Google Pixel launcher too. If you don’t want that you can apply your favourite theme and later apply this icon pack to get the Pixel type rounded icons.

Pixelize e1579337741300

Download Pixelize icon Pack

2.) Oreo Icon Pack

If you love the older Android icons packs like Oreo icon packs this icon is for you. As the name mentioned it the Android 8.0/8.1 icon pack for Samsung. This is also a round icons type. You can use this if you want a stock Android 8.1 icons on your preferred theme. The icons will be the same in Android 8.0 checkout below link.

Oreo e1579337773835

Download Oreo icon Pack

3.) Fantasy Night

If you like icons which are the glowing type you can get this one. This is the night theme-based and glowing icons. This packs of icons are having a smaller icon. If you don’t want the smaller icons you can skip this pack and try another one. If you good to use the glowing and nightly icons you can download them from below links.

Fantasy Night 1 e1579337812854

Download Fantasy Night icon Pack

4.) Black Onix

The black Onix icon pack is the one which I liked for some time and used it too. The icons are neon light-based and will look good if you use the phone at night specifically. The Samsung phones already have beautiful AMOLED display you can take advantage of that using this Samsung Icon packs.

Black Onix e1579337848734

Download Black Onix icon Pack

5.) White Mint

This icon pack is developed by MINU. This pack is unique looking with a teardrop design which doesn’t get to see on any other packs lot. You can call this one a veteran Samsung icon packs which really looks good on any theme you use. The icons have shadows surrounding the icons which gives a better contrast to looking icons.

White Mint e1579337877763

Download White Mint icon Pack

How To Apply:

  1. Download the above icons packs according to your choice.
  2. Now go to the Themes app.
  3. Look for Icons and tap on it.
  4. There you will see available icon packs including the downloaded one.
  5. Apply the icons.

Other Icon Packs For Samsung You Can Try:

  • For Imagination
  • Glow sunset by Cherry
  • Candy by Samsung Electronics
  • EiD Brown

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