How To Schedule, Enable Dark Mode In iOS 13 Easily

Apple in this year WDDC 2019 introduced its new tech. The iMac pro, Apple Pro Display XDR with revolutionary stand which costs only $999 :D. Also, the iOS 13 is also introduced the dark mode, keyboard swiping features are available in iOS 13. So the rolling of iOS 13 will start soon, So if you want to schedule, enable dark mode in iOS 13, follow this post. The dark mode is of great use, already we have seen on AMOLED screens its of great use and looks great.

Dark Mode:iOS 13 Dark Mode

After a long waiting Apple at last introducing system dark mode with iOS 13. The systemwide Dark Mode changes the entire look of the OS from the light to dark themes. This feature automatically changes at sunset. Also, all iOS stock apps support the dark theme. The dark mode helps in reducing the battery usage. It looks great and more appealing. Ofcourse at night it looks flawless. I used dark mode on Samsung AMOLED displays and it is just love!!

So How To Enable the Dark Mode In iOS 13:

Method #1: From Settings 

  1. The iOS 13 has system wide dark mode you can easily enable it from the settings.
  2. Open the settings on your iPad or iPhone device.
  3. Select the display and brightness option.
  4. In the appearance tab, you will see the dark mode options, like ”Light” and ”dark”.
  5. Tap on the dark and turn it ON.

Method #2: From The Control Section

  1. Open the control center.
  2. Now just long press on the display brightness control and then you’ll see new ”appearance light” button.
  3. Tap on that option to enable dark mode.

How To Schedule Dark Mode:

If you want to get the dark mode on specific timing you can also schedule it. To do this follow below steps.

  1. Go to settings, Select Display and brightness option.
  2. Now tap on the toggle button which is next to automatic.
  3. This will set automatically to sunset to sunrise.
  4. If you want to set it to custom timing, you do it by tapping on the options tab.
  5. In the appearance schedule screen, select custom schedule.
  6. Now here you can adjust timing for both light appearance and dark appearance.

Here is the teaser of dark mode, by Apple showed in WDDC 2019.

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