Download Themes For Samsung [Samsung Themes Android 9.0, 8.0]

Samsung the most popular brand was running on TouchWiz on its older phones. Later they are now running one ONE UI with huge improvements. But the phones which are still running on older systems here are the themes for them. Though these Themes For Samsung will work on ONE UI devices too with more functionalities. Also, Samsung themes are best now if you want to use it on One UI devices. These themes For Galaxy are basically for Samsung devices which are still running on the Android 9.0 Pie and Android 8.0 Oreo versions. The Samsung Experience UI will also work for these Galaxy themes. So let’s check out some of the best Themes For Samsung [Samsung Themes for Android 9.0 Pie, Android 8.0 Oreo].

Samsung Themes:

There are plenty of available themes for Samsung devices. You can easily use any of them on your Samsung Galaxy devices. These are Galaxy store themes so no links [direct links] cannot be provided. These links will open only on Samsung devices with the Galaxy Store installed on their devices which almost every Samsung device has already installed. You can search for the theme name and install the themes. If you don’t know how to follow the steps below.

How To Search For Themes:

1. Go to Settings—>Wallpapers and Themes.
2. Go to the Themes Tab, search for the Themes which are mentioned below.


1.Pixelized Theme:

This theme as the name suggests is the Pixelized theme adopted from Google Pixel. It will make the full interface as the Google Pixel devices. As the ONE UI arrives now this theme is also updated so you can expect the changes in the notifications icons too. Thanks to the developer Cameron Bunch, all credits goes to him. The pixelized theme very popular among Android users. It looks clean and neat. If you want to download just search the Pixelized Theme name in the Galaxy Theme Store. You will get the Themes For Galaxy.

Pixelize Theme Samsung Galaxy

If you want a full Pixel experience on your Samsung Device Try Pixel Launcher and Apps.

2. Black Onix

Here is the best dark theme for Samsung devices available now. You can use this theme at night for reducing the eye strain too. It has lightning borders which really look cool. This theme applies and changes to various apps from the device. Search for ”Black Onix” on the Galaxy Store.

Black Onix Samsung Theme

3. The White Theme:

This is the one theme if you need some mix up on your phone. In this theme, you’ll see the white background, wallpapers and black accents for the texts. So it will be good for visibility too. If you are not a fan of too dark themes then this one is for you. To download the theme search for ”White” in the Galaxy Theme store.

4. High Contrast Theme II

This one is for dark theme lovers with a little bit of change. This theme is kinda opposite to above white theme. In this theme the background, wallpapers are dark and text is white. So if you want a dark theme with some amount of change then download this Samsung Themes. Search for High Contrast Theme II on Galaxy Store.

5. Oreo Theme

This one is also stock look like theme. But with the accent of Android Oreo. If you liked the Oreo look then this one is for you. This theme is based on material design. This the also a good themes for Samsung or Themes for Galaxy. Search for ”Oreo” on Galaxy Store to get the theme.

Oreo Theme 1024x576

Other Themes To Try:

  • EID Brown
  • Space V1
  • Canvas
  • Sparkling
  • DarkMint

So if you want you can try above themes for galaxy devices. So this was all for Themes for Samsung. Stay tuned for more Galaxy Themes. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates regarding the posts. We post stock wallpapers, stock ringtones and many more exclusive contents of all the devices.

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