Guide To Install TWRP Recovery For Xiaomi Redmi 2

Guide To Install TWRP Recovery For Xiaomi Redmi 2


TWRP Recovery in Xiaomi Redmi 2

Step 1: First, Before Going To Further Ensure Your Redmi Two Rooted, If Not, Please Follow Our Guide To Do So, Please Visit The Following Link.

Step 2: Now Install From Google Flashify App Store Games On Your Phone Root, We Will Need To Install Our Economic Recovery.

Step 3: Download Now TWRP Recovery IMG Zip Files And SD Card In Your Home Directory Unzip (Download Depending On Your Device Model).


HM2014813 :

Step 4: Now Open Flashify Applications And Grant Permission To The Root.

Step 5: Click Next Flashify Application Recovery Image FLASH Under The Tab. Find You Just Downloaded (For Reference See The Following Image) Img File.

Install-TWRP-Recovery-in-Xiaomi-Redmi-2-1 Install-TWRP-Recovery-in-Xiaomi-Redmi-2-2 Install-TWRP-Recovery-in-Xiaomi-Redmi-2-3 Install-TWRP-Recovery-in-Xiaomi-Redmi-2-4 Install-TWRP-Recovery-in-Xiaomi-Redmi-2-6

Step 6: Click Recovery.Img File, And Then You Will Be Prompted A Quick Recovery? Screen. Click Yes, You Will See A Working Box, Called Flashing ……

Step 7: After Waiting For It, A Box Will Show That The Complete Flash Flashes.

After That, Click On Restart Now. Now Enter Recovery Mode, Please Check Your Installation Successfully Restored.

Into Recovery Mode, Redmi 2 Power Off The Phone, Press The Volume And Power Buttons Together Until It Vibrates.

Now, You Can Flash Different ROMS On Your Device.

If You Encounter Any Problems, Then Please A Comment Below.

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