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Customer support is of high importance when building and managing your website. If your website is business-based, you don’t want to have a bad customer support for many reasons. And now you have a way to avoid it with ease, Wix offers you a special module – Wix Answers help desk support software. But, what exactly is Wix Answers?

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  • What is Wix Answers

Wix Answers is a free help desk software designed and polished to give you all the necessary tools for crafting your customer support section. The best of all is that Wix Answers offers you features like ticket management, call centre, and much more. This help desk software is known for its simplicity and its ease of use, making it excellent for beginners who want to get more out of their customer support.

  • Who Should Use It

To put it simply, this software is intended for those with small to medium business. If you don’t want to blindly invest in some paid software, using this one is an excellent way of learning a lot about customer support and how it works. Let’s see what the software has to offer.

Wix Answers Features

  • Help Center

The help centre is probably my favourite features in Wix Answers. I mean, how can you not like all the templates and options it gives you for setting up your help centre? Right from the get-go, you’ll have access to numerous templates and these templates ARE customizable! By customizing the templates, you can tailor every single one to your needs, insert your branding, publish the articles, and enjoy the simplicity of this software. I could build hundreds of help centers from scratch; it’s so much fun!

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  • Call Center

If you would like to communicate with your customers on a professional level, a call center is probably your best bet. You can’t go wrong with help center either, but call center will give you some boost, needed to make a name for yourself. Wix Answers call center software will simply let you associate 1-800 number with your website, making it easy to answer and make calls. On top of that, your customers can request a callback, so you can provide the service that is all about customer’s preference and convenience.

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  • Ticketing System

A ticketing system streamlines the incoming support tickets from various channels, being it from a social media website or email. You can quickly and efficiently send help from your knowledge base or provide recommendations. Customers like speed and efficiency and you should know that!

By the way, you can incorporate some custom fields and gather more information about your clients. This will help you to improve your business.


  • FAQ Section

But, what about the FAQ section? Oh, yeah, you can implement that, too! FAQ section is an excellent way of giving the customers some answers to basic questions in a short manner. Aside from that, you can write some step-by-step guides, which will give some boost to your help center. If you don’t believe me, you can try it for yourself!

  • Customer Support Widget

Customer support widget is also here. For those who don’t know it’s a tiny widget located anywhere on the website, that lets you access the customer support anytime. By simply clicking on it, you’ll be able to either see a number that you can call, send a ticket, get to the FAQ section, etc. It’s impressive what a single click can do, but that’s what Wix Answers is about – simplicity and no-hassle approach.

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  • Valuable Insights

Wix Answers lets you measure your success and hard work by accessing your valuable insights. This is one of the most important features as you can see literally everything about your recent work. This centralized system gives you an overview of your customer satisfaction ratings, tickets response times, product quality, website’s performance and much more.  


  • Conclusion

So, is Wix Answers worth your attention? It certainly is. The first factor is that it’s free and we haven’t actually heard a single negative review about it. On top of that, we tried it ourselves and really liked all about how it works and what functions it provides. If you don’t want to blindly spend and potentially waste your money on the software you don’t need, Wix Answers is a great way to start.

Moreover, it’s easy to use, the interface is intuitive, and you’ll get into it pretty quickly.

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