Xiaomi Mi Note Stock HD Wallpapers Download

Xiaomi Mi Note Stock HD Wallpapers Download

Xiaomi Mi Note Test CNet 01 300x169

“Apple of the Orient”, a phrase often used for Xiaomi, should not be taken on common sense for the Chinese OEM. “OEM”? Even I think it’s right to use the abbreviation for Xiaomi at least. OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” as the Chinese company is original in any way. Actually, it all started a couple of years ago, when some Chinese guys CyanogenMod separate team to develop new sources ROM using CM and theme engine and redesigned the user interface by copying the IOS. Because many people in the South Asian region are attracted to Apple devices and can not have them because of heavy price tags, MIUI achieved great success in their midst.

Just compare MIUI iOS 6 and 7 and you can find striking similarities between them. Xiaomi is blatantly violate GPLv2 plus the company tries to hide by not make public the source code of the kernel accused. Xiaomi smartphones began with MIUI ROM in the house a year ago and recently launched the My note that seems so similar to the iPhone 6 Plus manufacture. Such types of shameless violations and scams, you would agree, can not be justified at all.

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Anyway, back to the subject that we are here. As you know, we continue to share wallpapers new values ​​and Android devices now have the full set of official wallpapers of the Xiaomi Mi Note. There are three types of wallpapers inside the package we have shown below to download. The package consists of 7 Home screen wallpaper with 2160 x 1920 px resolution and 7 portrait wallpapers for lockscreen in Full HD quality. There is another series of 13 modified versions of the new lock screen background.

You can look at the wallpaper in our image preview and you want to grab them, just jump to our download links below.

Download Xiaomi Mi Note Stock HD Wallpapers:-


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