Download ZTE MiFavor 10 Stock Wallpapers

Here we share ZTE MiFavor 10 wallpapers in FHD resolution. ZTE recently launched MiFavor 10 for upcoming and old ZTE and Nubia devices. ZTE MiFavor 10 stock wallpapers are in Full HD (1080 x 2340 pixels) resolution. So follow the post to download MiFavor 10 Wallpapers.

ZTE just announced its latest UI effort to go on top of Android 10. This latest UI update brings more smart features also cool functions. On a recent Weibo, ZTE shared a beautiful infographic, summarising all the key points in the new OS upgrade for its upcoming Android 10-based skin.

ZTE MiFavor 10 brings new system-wide dark mode, along with plenty of black backgrounds, to make night use more comfortable. That update gets more skin for the smartphones, and all those skins are included over 1600 system icons to choose. Notifications have also updated with a new style, and there is now a new floating notification pop-up – a small floating window. Below we share some Features of MiFavor 10:

  • Icons and dark mode.
  • Themes and wallpapers.
  • Floating notifications.
  • Smart Screen Recognition and voice control.
  • Upgraded AI engine.

ZTE MiFavor 10 Wallpapers – collections

MiFavor 10 also features many new wallpapers and live wallpapers, most of them with modern darker aesthetics with their unique images. You know that we always share all new wallpapers and themes as soon as possible on our websites. The MiFavor 10 comes with a total of 18 preloaded official stock wallpapers. All wallpapers are in 1080 x 2340 pixels resolution. If your device has the same screen resolution or lowers, then these will look good on it.

Here’s the preview of the new ZTE MiFavor 10 wallpapers:

Download ZTE MiFavor 10 Stock Wallpapers

After download, extract the file and set wallpaper on your smartphone’s home screen or lock screen.

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