Download Apple Pro Display XDR Wallpapers In 4K Resolution

Apple this WWDC19 event put a good show this year. They amazed people with their amazing monitor stand just for $999, can you imagine? Apple can get this much affordable lol :D. Okay, jokes aside there are too many trolls already on our Facebook page if you want to check some follow us on our Facebook page links are in the top right corner. So with the dramatic introduction, they introduced the iOS dark mode, I was watching the event, I literally felt some god, or some powerful being is gonna come through that type of introduction. So Apple also launched a monitor called as Apple Pro XDR display. It is to be used with that iMac Pro screw hole design. So here are the Apple Pro XDR display wallpapers in 4K resolution.

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Apple Pro XDR display:

This is 32-inch LCD display which has resolution of 6016 X 3384 retina 6K display.  The screen is narrow with small 9mm bezels to its edge. Okay, the thing is this display costs around 4999$, okay okay I accept that it is Apple and going costly is its speciality and this is for only professionals.

Apple Pro XDR Display 1 e1559819874690

But a stand for this display costs $999, I thought Apple was joking, but this shit is real!! An Aluminium stand for $999, still, blind fan following will buy it no matter what because of its apple BroOoo. Okay leaving this aside the Pro XDR display has an extreme dynamic range. It has P3 and 10-bit color with reference modes built-in, as well as Apple’s True Tone automatic color adjustment for ambient lighting.

Heading to our main post, Download Apple Pro Display XDR Wallpapers In 4K Resolution. Here are the Apple_Pro Display XDR wallpapers. This ZIP contains about 1 wallpaper and the promotional zip contains 4 wallpapers. They are high in the resolution of 4k. These walls will suit you perfectly. These stock walls are elegant. Colorful, and of high quality. Download it now. Extract the zip and set the wallpaper.

Download Apple Pro Display XDR Wallpapers:

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