Complete List of Bixby Commands for Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus

Complete List of Bixby Commands for Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 PlusBixby Commands List

Bixby is a virtual assistant for Samsung Galaxy smartphone the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus launched with Bixby. But how do you get in touch with Bixby? in Galaxy S8 and S8 In addition, you have a set of commands to use Bixby. Do you like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby an intelligent voice assistant that works on flagship Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus. Two phones, as well as Samsung device users, can install Bixby on Android Nougat device. So here Complete List of Bixby Commands for Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Users.

With Bixby voice command, you can interact with an application on your smartphone. Here Bixby Google assistants like Siri or your opponent has a clear advantage. The Bixby Assistant offers a few reasons to praise the proposal. With Bixby, users can also ask for Uber, screenshot, open the application and install, search for specific holiday photos, and more.

Bixby installed smartphones, what should your favorite Bixby voice commands be? We have a long list of voice commands in Bixby. Once you learn them, go ahead and Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus can search a list of Bixby commands.


Complete List of Bixby Commands For Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus:-

  • Launch camera and record a video
  • Install Candy Crush Saga from the Google Play Store
  • Take a selfie and send it to Olivia
  • Launch Gmail and show me recent emails (or show me emails from Olivia)
  • Go to Gallery and search pictures from Las Vegas
  • Read my last notification
  • Call the last number that called me
  • Launch Instagram and post the last photo I took (post my last photo with the caption “Olivia’s wedding”
  • Keep my screen on for 1 minutes
  • Turn up ringtone volume to 60% (Turn on do-not disturb, turn up brightness to 40%, etc)
  • Call me an Uber to take me to the subway
  • Launch YouTube and show my history page (or subscriptions)
  • Go to Pandora and play my 80’s station
  • Clear all notifications
  • Reject call and send a text saying I’ll call back in 10 minutes
  • What’s the date today?
  • Restart my phone
  • Flashlight on/off
  • Turn on Emergency mode
  • Delete the shopping reminder

Samsung Bixby Voice Commands:-

  • Open LinkedIn (or any app)
  • What time is it?
  • Turn volume up/down
  • Restart my phone
  • Flashlight on/off
  • Turn on do not disturb
  • Open Google Play Music (play music)
  • Stop the music
  • What song is this?
  • Turn up the music volume to 60%
  • Remind me to take out the trash tomorrow at 5 PM
  • What’s the weather like?
  • How is the weather going to be tomorrow?
  • Will it rain today?
  • What time is it in Los Angeles
  • Show my today’s reminders
  • Delete the doctor visit reminder
  • Install Asphalt Xtreme from the Google Play Store
  • Hi Bixby, remember where I parked


Control Samsung Apps Bixby Voice Commands:-

You can control Samsung in build apps with Bixby Voice Commands like “Open gallery” “Open Camera” and other Phone Apps here is the full list.

  • Open Gallery and Find pictures taken in Ohio
  • Show me the last video I recorded
  • Delete this picture
  • Send my last picture to Edward
  • Open Gallery and show me my Hawaii Vacation album
  • Show me the most recent pictures as a slideshow
  • Rotate this picture to the left
  • Play the most recent video
  • Add the most recent picture from Friends album to Favorites
  • Add auto adjust effects to my last picture (remove effects from my last picture)
  • Delete the location info from the most recent picture
  • Delete the travel album
  • Move Photos that were taken in Ohio to a new album
  • Open Video Player and edit my last video
  • Open Video Player and share an animated GIF
  • Play the next video, delete this video
  • Make an animated GIF from this video
  • Move the Play position forward by 15 seconds

A few more List of Bixby Commands commands:-

  • “Open Clock and”
  • Set an alarm for tomorrow at 5 am
  • Turn off the 5 am alarm
  • Show me the time in Paris
  • Dismiss the alarm
  • Show the timer
  • Open the stopwatch
  • Add Tokyo to my world clock
  • Open the time zone converter in the world clock
  • “Open Calculator and”
  • Calculate 6 + 9 x 3
  • Show the unit converter
  • Convert 30 inches to cm
  • “Open Calendar and”
  • Call my office number
  • Call Chris
  • Text Geoff
  • Video call Malcolm’s mobile phone
  • Show me my most recent message
  • Delete all conversations
  • Take a photo and send it to Jackie
  • Show me settings
  • Send my last photo to Smith and say, “I’m on vacation”
  • Save the most recent text to my reminders

Control Settings with Bixby Commands:-

  • Turn on WiFi, Turn off WiFi
  • Search for nearby WiFi networks
  • Disconnect from WiFi network
  • Turn on Bluetooth
  • Turn on Do Not Disturb
  • Scan for Bluetooth devices
  • Go to dual audio
  • Show me my Data usage
  • Turn on Data saver
  • Turn on Performance mode
  • Show me my battery usage
  • Turn on Airplane mode
  • Turn up ringtone volume to 60
  • Increase the system volume
  • Keep my screen on for 10 minutes
  • Set the display brightness to 35
  • Make the screen brighter
  • Turn on One-handed mode
  • Open my last two apps in split-screen
  • Turn off the LED indicator light
  • Turn on battery saver mode
  • Uninstall Star Wars: Force Arena (confirm)
  • Use your Camera with Bixby Voice Commands


More App Control Commands:-

  • Take a picture
  • Take a Selfie and send it to Barack
  • Record a video
  • Turn on the front camera
  • Turn on Flash
  • Show me pictures
  • Set the timer for rear camera to 15 seconds
  • Apply an effect
  • Turn on Save RAW and JPEG files for rear camera
  • Turn on video stabilization
  • Adjust the ISO of Pro mode to 250
  • Adjust the exposure value of Pro mode to 1
  • Turn on grid lines
  • Take a Panorama photo
  • Control Social Media with Bixby Commands (Twitter, Facebook & Others)
  • Take a screenshot
  • Go back
  • Show the Home screen
  • Scroll up/down
  • Swipe left/right
  • Scroll to the top/bottom
  • Zoom in/out
  • Turn on auto rotate
  • Set the phone to portrait mode
  • Turn off the screen


General Knowledge (Questions & Answers):-

  • How far is the moon from Earth?
  • What is the definition of doodle?
  • How do you spell ‘pusillanimous’?
  • Who was the 40th president of the USA?
  • Show me how to make pan cake
  • When is St Patrick Day?
  • Who was the first man on the moon?
  • How long is an elephant’s tail?
  • What is 8×9?
  • How many calories in a cheese cake?
  • When is sunrise in Tokyo?
  • What is a fathom?
  • How many feet in a kilometer?

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