[Themes] DownloadCyanogenmod 12 Top 3 Themes

Download CyanogenMod 12 Top 3 Themes

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I Switched To My OnePlus A, And I Include Hundreds Of Other People Like The New CyanogenMod ROM12, Which Is Based On The Stock Android 5.0. Cyano In ROM Which Main Feature Is To Beautify Their Facilities Have The Ability To Change Your Theme’S Ability To Ability. With The Google Play Store, Now Filled With Tons Of Theme, We Have Been Able To Collect Some Of The Best.

Material Glass:-

Gently what it says on the theme of glass to modify the overall appearance of your Android device. Unlike any other topic, the material glass gives you a clean, fresh user interface, no specific colour accents. Some people (including me) hate dull colour accent stock Android, and this is what this unique theme to save the day. What is done is mere to make the whole vitreous your UI, in this, allowing users to maximize the use of their wallpaper!

I’ve been using this theme every day now, but some applications like Google Play store is staggering, and the theme is installed visible. Like a theme should be, I can not express it in words, I am here to provide you with your own photo!

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You Can Download This App With Playstore; The Link Is Below:-

Dark Material:-

Fed Up Of The Same Old White Layout Skin On Stock Android Devices? Well, I Hate It Too. It’S Funny How Other Manufactures Like Samsung And HTC Managed To Port The Same Android Version With Better Color Schemes Onto Their Device! Well, Dark Material Is A Theme Which Is Not Going To Change The Total Look Of Your Device, Such As The Icon And The Fonts, But Is Well-Equipped With Them If You Ever Need To Do So.

Dark Material Is Probably What Its Name Says – A Blacked Version Of Android Lollipop. This Includes All Of The White Color Scheme Now Turned Into A Black One. Personally, This Is Cool, Especially If You Have Eye-Straining Issues Like I Always Do. Ranging From The Stock Applications Like The Calculator, And The Google Play Store, To Some Third Party Applications Like WhatsApp, Have Also Been Redesigned To Suit Your Needs The Best.

Screenshot 5 300x150

You Can Download This App With Playstore; The Link Is Below:-

Milos UI:-

This One Has A Slightly Different Color Scheme Than The Previous One We Mentioned Before. Milos UI Not Only Reduces Eye Fatigue Eliminate The Bright White, But Also Has An Intuitive Color Scheme, And The Other For A Particular Application. For The Settings Of The Application, It Is Very Top Area Was Re-Designed, And There Are A Lot Of Blue And Black Color Scheme.

Of All The Topics Of The Three Already Mentioned, There Are A Lot Of Milos UI Is A Theme Throughout. You Can Also Get A Specific Boot Animation With This Topic. Some Re-Design Has Been Listed As The Primary Applications:

  • Set Up
  • Dialer
  • Contacts
  • Google Started
  • Calculator
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Play Store
  • There Are A Lot More!

Screenshot 4 300x161

You Can Download This App With Playstore; The Link Is Below:-

wGAJriGXtHgLTt4lJIRKAYCCXqnacj xbkWInqW5xXuHeXDCTtxun8Umb0nOs18MMQ=s180
Developer: Zyxxeil
Price: Free
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