How To Install BETA Devil May Cry Mobile APK On Your Android

The popular PC game Devil May Cry is now coming to mobile. Yeah, the devil may cry mobile apk is now available for the Android devices. Though Devil May Cry mobile BETA version is available now, though it might release the full version soon enough. If you can’t wait to play or try this game then you should follow this post. If you are a veteran gamer, I am damn sure you have played devil may cry or at least heard about this game. Now all of the top games are coming for mobile and this is the type of games I am really willing to play on my mobile rather than PubG mobile!! You have to follow some steps to download Devil May Cry Mobile apk for your android device. So let’s check out Devil May Cry Mobile BETA.

About Devil May Cry Mobile:

The right of the Devil may cry franchise was bought by developer Youchang game and now they are gonna release the mobile version of the legendary PC game. Though I suspect the story may not be available as the game title is set to Devil May Cry – Pinnacle Of Combat. So it will be mostly on the combat system, team battles and versus battles between realtime players. I am going to check out this BETA version too. So if you want to try out the early version of this game you can try it now. As the BETA version is going to available only till 31st December 2019 according to some sources. See the official trailer below.

DMC Mobile Trailer

Obviously our favourite character Dante is there to play. I think we can select Dante or Vergil to play the game. I hope other characters such as Nero, Trish and Lady should be available too. Also, I really hope that they will include single-player mode too which always lacks on mobile. I’m really excited to see how well they can provide the controls to the mobile version. As we already have seen on PC, Xbox, PS version there were lots of controls like combos etc.  So let’s get to our main topic how to install Devil May Cry Mobile APK on your Android.

How To Register?

Currently, this game version is only available Chinese play store TAP TAP. So you need to go to the page reserve the game. So when the game will launch you will get a notification regarding the same that game is launched. I also reserved game for now and will play after it is available on tap-tap for everyone. To reserve/register the game follow the below steps.

Firstly, go to ”TAP TAP” thread of DEVIL MAY CRY. The language is all Chinese so you can use chrome to translate it.

Devil May Cry Mobile Tap Tap Page 1024x495

Now click on ”Reserve” which has Android icon. The registration window will open, put your phone number and verify it.

Phone Registration

Select your country code and type your phone number. A 6 digit code will be sent to your phone then type the received code and done. You will see below screenshot as ”Reserved”.

Game Reserved 1024x454

So, you have now registered the Devil May Cry Mobile game and you will get a notification once Devil May Cry Mobile BETA available on this store.

There was another way to play this game but I think it’s not working now. the game playability was based on activation code. Which only about 1000 users got the code. Still, John Fleer channel on YouTube gave some codes. If you wanna try it you can try but I cannot guarantee it will work out.

Download BETA Version APK:

Download the above file, and if it asks the Chinese number you can get one from here. You can receive Chinese SMS from the link. If again it asks for activation codes then try these below codes thanks, John Fleer, for these codes.


These are case sensitive codes so copy full code exactly. Again I cannot guarantee that it will work because lots of users are reporting that its activation codes are one device per user. If you like the post, don’t forget to share it!! Also, like our official facebook page for more updates!! Join our telegram channel for updates directly to your phone!!

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