Guide To Enable Automatic Wallpaper Changer For Android

Today we share a trick to enable Automatic Wallpaper Changer for Android. Many users don’t stay with one wallpaper. They want to change the wallpaper every day or every hour manually. So today we share a trick to change wallpaper automatically from 2 minutes or more.

Also in GizDev, you can find so many beautiful wallpapers. Browse our wallpaper selection to get all those wallpapers. If you have so many beautiful wallpapers then it difficult for you to choose just one picture as a wallpaper. But if you are using an Android device then you can customize whatever you want. Here we will use an app to enable Automatic Wallpaper Changer.

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Enable Automatic Wallpaper Changer For Android

The name of the app is ‘Changer – Wallpaper Manager‘ for Android which lets users choose a folder for Automatic wallpapers. You can set time to change auto change wallpaper after the time goes. There is no minimum time limit to choice changing time, you can set from 2 minutes to 48 hours. So let’s begin in the instruction below.

Auto change wallpapers  video tutorial for you:

Steps to Enable wallpaper changer:

  • First download ‘Changer – Wallpaper Manager’ app from PlayStore.

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Developer: Simone Sessa
Price: Free+
  • Now open the app and give all the permissions (storage and GPS), then scroll right to left to skip the instruction.
  • Then select Profile > Folder > Save.
  • Now click on Folder profile that you create before.
  • Then click ‘Choose’ and select any storage (Internal or external).
  • Select the wallpaper folder and tap “set”.
  • If you want to change Type or Order then change it then click on “SET WALLPAPER” option and select Home screen or Lock Screen or both.

Enable Automatic Wallpaper Changer 8

  • As a default, the time is set 30 Min, so if you want to change time go to setting >Manage Wallpaper > choose frequency from 2 minutes to 2 Days, it’s your choice.

Enable Automatic Wallpaper Changer 3

  • That’s it now you can enjoy Automatic wallpaper changer.

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