How To Change Your Wallpaper Automatically Google Wallpaper

There are lots of apps which comes in handy for simple tasks. Though we didn’t notice some of them mostly the heavy users don’t care. But those who are using a stock ROM on phone with no rooting and other customization stuff they surely want small things to change in their phone. Enough wise talks, here is Google Wallpaper app which you can set it to change the wallpaper for you every day, the newest wallpaper will be set every day. So follow the post to change Your Wallpaper Automatically Google Wallpaper App.

About Google Wallpaper App:

There are tons of wallpaper apps available on PlayStore. But the Google Wallpaper app has the best wallpapers. Nature, abstract etc wallpapers are available on the wallpaper app. You will get a new wallpaper every day on Google Wallpaper. Wallpapers are updated on the Google Wallpapers app every day so you will not get bored of the same wallpaper every day. Do check below app for best AMOLED wallpapers.

Download App below PlayStore Link:

How To Change Your Wallpaper Automatically Google Wallpaper:

Firstly, download the Google Wallpapers app from above play store link.

Google Wallpapers Play Store 493x1024

Now open the Wallpaper app and select your favorite category of wallpapers.

Like, I selected the Landscapes. Now tap on the Daily wallpaper and choose whether to download on WiFi or Mobile network.

Set Daily Wallpaper Change 300x300

Set the wallpaper. Enjoy the new fresh wallpaper every day on your smartphone. If you like the post share it with your friends, Follow our Instagram page to know about our announcement about giveaways. Follow here.

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