How To Enable Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger (Root Needed)

Facebook a month ago suddenly showed off its new UI. But after just a few hours it was removed. That was for user opinions or for testing. But again a few days ago it is now rolled out. I personally really like the new UI but other users opinions differ obviously. The dark mode is also showed off in an update on Messenger BETA. We all know how dark mode is useful in case of AMOLED screens, it saves battery and also looks really eye pleasing. so if you want to Enable Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger, follow the steps in this post.

About Facebook Messenger Dark Mode:

The dark mode was teased for few users. It might come to all users soon. But you can get that dark mode on rooted Android phones. Yeah, just downloading the Messenger BETA and modifying some commands you can get the dark mode easily. Thanks to the XDA Forum member @VincentJoshuaET for this mode. All credits go to him. So to enable dark mode In Facebook Messenger download the BETA from below link.

Downloads Section:

How To Enable Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger (Root Needed):

Make sure you have root access, Open the TERMUX app.

1) Type the following and hit the enter. You will be asked to give the permission, grant the SuperUser access.


2) Type the following command and hit enter.
am start -n “com.facebook.orca/com.facebook.abtest.gkprefs.GkSettingsListActivity”
After you enter command ”Search Gatekeepers” window will open. Tap on ”Search Gatekeepers” type dark and press ok.
You will see some options set to UNSET or NO. What you have to do us set these all options to YES.  After setting the options close the Terminal app.
Open the Facebook Messenger you will get your dark mode enabled.

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