Enable Dark Mode On YouTube For All Type Of Web Browser

Enable Dark Mode On YouTube For All Type Of Web BrowserEnable Dark Mode On YouTube For All Type Of Web Browser

Youtube officially brings new features that go easy on your eyes. The youtube team will launch Dark Mode On YouTube. When you enabled it, youtube turns dark color (black) instead of the regular white. Google is applying the Material Design seen on Youtube. YouTube now rolling out the design change to users by default don’t need any tools or extension. Many users want to enable dark mode on youtube for the strain on eyes. This post will help them. The features will come after some day now youtube beta test of this mode. After some day officially launches youtube with a whole new design.

The advantage of Dark Mode:-

  • Reducing strain on user’s eyes.
  • Fully clean user interface.
  • Dark Theme.
  • Built on a new faster framework.

Guide to enable:-

  • Open your PC web browser go to youtube.com/new.
  • Here you look all new features of YouTube.
  • Now click on ‘Try it Now‘ to upgrade your YouTube user interface.

Dark Mode On YouTube 7

  • Automatically redetect old youtube design to new youtube design.
  • Then click on the Profile avatar at the top of the right side, you will see some new option.

Dark Mode On YouTube

  • Click on Dark Theme option and turn it on.

Dark Mode On YouTube 6

  • Now enjoy Dark theme (black) on YouTube for your current browser.

Dark Mode On YouTube 10

Note: – If you login your YouTube account on a different browser, then you have to enable the dark mode again.

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