Download Portable Browsers for Windows – Chrome, Firefox and Opera

In some cases, you may need to surf the Internet on an unknown desktop or laptop. These can include cyber cafe desktop or office desktop. Although you can’t always logout accounts from these devices before you go, some accounts may be still logged on the device. And with data leaks and growing abuse, it can be very catastrophic for you. This is why portable applications are useful. In this post, we will share all the Portable Browsers for Windows Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Why Portable Browsers are useful

Portable applications can be easily installed on any portable device such as a pen drive. You can simply attach it to a PC or laptop, do your job and take out the USB stick. All your activity will be saved on the Portable drive, and will not leave any browsing mark on the PC. If you use Google Chrome as a portable browser, you can use all your bookmarks, saved passwords, extensions, etc. directly from your device.

Also, Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers are much faster than regular browsers and do not consume memory or storage as the normal versions. So let’s see how we can use Google Chrome as a portable browser. In addition to Chrome, there are also Portable versions of Firefox and Opera. In this post, we will share Portable Browsers download links for Windows and the guide on how to install and use Chrome as a portable browser.

Download Portable Browsers for Windows

We have shared Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera Portable version link. You can download the portable version of your favorite browser from the links below

Google Chrome Portable ⇒ GoogleChromePortable.exe

Firefox Portable ⇒ FirefoxPortable_English.exe

Opera portable ⇒ opera.exe

How to install Portable Browser and using guide

1. Download any of the Browser and copy it to your portable drive.

2. Run the exe file and Select Language, agree to the Terms and Conditions and then Select the Portable drive installation directory.

Chrome Portable Browser

3. After the install you can run the “GoogleChromePortable.exe” from GoogleChromePortable folder in your portable drive.

Chrome Portable Browser 2

4. Once you run the browser then you can surf the internet, also you can sign in to your google account for sync bookmarks and extensions.

Chrome Portable Browser 3 1

From next time you don’t have to install the portable version browser just run the exe file from the installation folder to use. This guide applies to all the other portable browsers.

More Downloads ⇒

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