Get Dolby Atmos Sound System with Realtek Mod Driver – The Ultimate Sound Mod For PC

The Ultimate Sound Mod For PC is here; In this article, we will show you How to Install Dolby Atmos Sound System, DTS Audio and others Audio Enhancers with Realtek Mod Driver. This Realtek Mod will unlock to use Dolby surround system, DTS and others Audio Enhancers like ViPER4Windows, Nahimic etc. We have uploaded all the Audio Enhancers and modded drivers you can install the Mod’s easy with our guides.

Most of the High Ended pc and Laptops came with Hi-Fi Audio DAC and pre-installed with Dolby Atmos, DTS, and others Sound Mods. This Realtek Modded Driver will unlock to use these audio mods on any Pc and Laptops. We have written the full guide on how to install it and use on your Windows 10 Pc and Laptop.

Supported Devices:-

  • Windows 10 64-x86 BIT, Pc, and Laptop. Realtek audio cards.


  • Uninstall old Realtek HD audio driver.
  • Enable Windows Developer Mode from Settings ⇒ Update & Security (Read Here).
  • Update your Windows 10 to Latest Build.
  • Disable Driver Signature Enforcement to Install Modded Driver from Settings ⇒ Update & Security ⇒ Recovery. Or run “Disabling Driver Signature.cmd” and restart your Windows.
  • Download Modded Driver and Read Installation Guide.

Download Realtek Mod Driver, Dolby Atmos Sound System, and Other Audio Enhancers

Realtek Modded Driver with Dolby Atmos Setup, Creative Sound Blaster Connect, DTS Audio and Equalizer APO.

Mirror Link

Download Audio Enhancers you can install this Audio Enhancers with Realtek Mod Driver (Asus sonic focus, ViPER4Windows, Nahimic 3, Etc.

Audio Enhancer Mediafire

Cleaning Tool for Complete Uninstall


Driver Signature Enforcement batch file

Disabling Driver Signature.rar

How To Install Dolby Atmos Sound System and other Audio Enhancer with Realtek Mod Driver

1. Read Prerequisites Enable Windows Developer Mode, Disable Driver Signature Enforcement and Turn On Test mode by Run “Disabling Driver Signature.cmd” and reboot your System.

2. Download “” and unzip it Install Modded Realtek HD Audio Driver from Realtek Mod DriverInstall File ⇒ and run DriverSetup.exe as Administrator.

dolby with Realtek Mod Driver 2

3. Click Install the Driver Software anyway when Windows Security Popup comes.

dolby with Realtek Mod Driver 3

4. After successfully Installation reboot the system normally.

5. Now Install Dolby Atmos setup Dolby Atmos Sound System from Realtek Mod DriverSoftwareDolby UWP APPDAXUISnG ⇒ DAXUISnG_2.1.218.0_x**_Test. Run Add-AppDevPackage.ps1 as PowerShell by Right click.

dolby with Realtek Mod Driver 4

  • Promote “Y” at PowerShell to continue the installation and reboot the system when it has done.

Dolby Atmos Sound System App install 1024x250

6. Run Dolby Atmos Sound System from the start menu and config it or copy one of the Preset XML files from Dolby UWP APP ⇒ Preset Folder to C:\Windows\System32\dolbyaposvc (Read readme.txt for more info at Preset Folder). Reboot the system once it has done

  • Enable 5.1 Channel if you have 5.1 Home Theater by Edit C:\Windows\System32\dolbyaposvc\Default.xml file and change ch_count=”2″ to ch_count=”5″.

Dolby Channel 5.1 1024x612

7. Once all configuration was done, you can use Dolby Atmos sound on Your Windows System.

dolby with Realtek Mod Driver 6 1024x802

8. You can install other Audio Enhancer Like Creative Sound Blaster, ViPER4Windows, DTS Audio, Nahimic 3 and use it with the Dolby surround system.

How To Install Creative Sound Blaster Connect 2

1. Install Realtek modded driver after then go to Software\Creative Sound Blaster X720 and install the Service one by one.

2. First, install ALchemy then HOAL and CreativeConnectionService service one by one by run Setup.exe.

3. At the end install CreativeSBConnect2 by run CreativeSBConnect2Setup.exe as Administrator. Run CreativeSBCkey.exe for Patching Creative Sound Blaster.

4. Once all installation is done the reboot and enjoy Creative Sound Blaster Connect 2.

dolby with Realtek Mod Driver 1 1024x638

How To Install DTS Audio

1. Install Realtek modded driver, Disable or Uninstall Dolby to Use DTS Audio. Then go to Software\DTS Audio.

2. Run “DTS_APO_GUI_Win32-64_Installer.exe” and complete the installation.

3. Run sltech.reg Read readme.txt How to config it and reboot your system.

4. Enjoy DTS Audion from Start Menu.

dts with Realtek Mod Driver 5

You can use Other Audio Enhancer Equalizer APO, Asus sonic focus, ViPER4Windows, Nahimic 3 with Dolby just download and test any Mod’s from Audio Enhancers download Link.

How To Uninstall Completely:-

Uninstall Realtek driver from Control panel program and features, Uninstall other audio Enhancers. Remove Dolby from Start Menu Right click on the icon then Uninstall. Download CleaningTool.rar and Run CleanScripts64.cmd as Administrator for Complete Uninstall.

Ask anything for installation errors config errors. Share the guide with on your social network, Forums, Quora, Reddit and tell them about this mod.

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