How To Enable Incognito Mode In YouTube On Android

YouTube is one of the biggest online video streaming websites. You can find more or less all video in YouTube, If you find adult content then this streaming website doesn’t provide this type of content. However many users search for many things but want to keep it a secret but Google SPY on you, also YouTube does keep a record of all the videos you watch but everyone knows that. This record helps to recommend the content like you. Now youtube officially launched features where your search history does not recode.

Enable Incognito Mode In YouTube:

Some days ago YouTube officially launched Dark Mode and now released Incognito Mode. Some days ago YouTube officially launched Incognito Mode where you can watch videos without worrying about search history or any video History. If your YouTube application is fully updated then you will get this update. So let’s go to the Enable Incognito Mode on YouTube on Android.

In Incognito Mode you cant see any recommended from YouTube or any suggestion. In this, you cannot subscribe to any YouTube channel. But if you want to keep your search history in private then the new Incognito mode is best also it can come in easy to use.

YouTube Incognito Mode:

If the phone is apparently not as private in your country. Everyone use your device like friends, family and don’t want to share your private search history or YouTube Recommendation with your device then this is the best way to keep private. Once you will enable YouTube Incognito Mode, then no more see any recommendation by Youtube or any subscribed channel. It shows like when you open the first-time youtube without any login.

If you ever open Incognito Mode in a browser then open YouTube, you will see there are less option then the normal browser. Here in the app only allows a user to view the Trending video and Home sections. You cant see your Subscriptions, Inbox, and playlist, even your login account until you turn off the Incognito mode.

Guide To Enable Incognito Mod on YouTube:

  • Fast update your YouTube App in the latest version.
  • Then open Youtube application on your Android device.
  • Now click on your Account Icon in the top of the right corner.
  • Then find Turn on Incognito option and turn it on.
  • You will see a Pop-up like “You’ve gone incognito“, click on GOT IT.
  • That’s it now you’re in YouTube Incognito Mode.
Note: This will replace your Account icon to Google Incognito Mode icon. After a period automatically Incognito mode will be disabled.

If you want to disable manually Incognito Mode on YouTube, then click on Incognito Mode icon then select “Turn off Incognito“.

When you are using incognito mode, you can search for everything but can’t watch age restricted content without signing your Google Account. More or less it the best option on Android to watch videos in Incognito Mode on YouTube.

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