Fix Android 5.0 Lollipop Boot Animation Memory Leak

Fix Android 5.0 Lollipop Boot Animation Memory Leak

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Android lollipop is the latest treatment from Google, we all love it features tribe came to the latest operating system version. More than celebration, as we all know, Android’s Lollipop with a few errors, resulting in serious lag and battery consumption issues. From Google’s two quick little update (5.0.1 and 5.0.2) to do a repair most errors, but there are still some deficiencies in our equipment grab the code.

One such mistake was consumed in the boot process to force a greater amount of memory the kernel boot animation process kill several memory leak bug (possibly core services), resulting in serious lag. XDA’s arter97 have found jobs around this issue, and “implementation does not release the resources to play the previous frame held Lollipop current boot animation” According to him, this may be the root of the problem.

According to research and development, almost all devices (except Touchwiz Samsung devices based) fall into this error caused by unstable user interface. In this guide, the binary modified boot animation is used to replace the existing binary to resolve the issue. But before entering the process, let me tell you, I wanted to post this fix the observed results.

I have downloaded the patch files and everything is in accordance with the developer’s instructions. Initially, one of my Andr oid device (12 cm), it took about 35 seconds to boot and repair is reduced to 32 seconds after it was not in power when there is a significant improvement. However, I observed that a smooth running start after this is a big step forward, and I’ve used face laggy start. Again, I tested motorcycle copy run stock lollipop, I have observed similar results, in addition to improving boot time from 38-29 seconds.

Note: The application of these two devices are installed may lead to accurate load a little, but I’ve calculated the three boot time (to complete before starting off) after applying the patch to obtain consistent results.

So, if you think this solution is worth a try, download the following file and follow simple guidelines to apply the patch. But remember, the patch may lead to an unprecedented effect on some devices, so it has a better hand before a nandroid backup.


Instructions To Fix Bootanimation

  • Download The Fix Zip (Try Any One Of The Versions)

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  • Open The Zip File, You Will Have Two Folders Containing Boot Animation Binaries: CM12 And AOSP (32-Bit And 64-Bit Binaries)
  • Choose The Boot Animation Binary Depending On The Device’S CPU Architecture And The Type Of ROM.
  • Take A Backup Of The Boot animation Binary From The /System/Bin Directory And Copy The Patched Binary (Binary From Step 3) In Its Place.
  • Make Sure You’Re Rooted And Change The Permissions And Owner Of The File As Per Follow Screenshots

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Reboot Your Device And Now See The Boot Animation

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