(Deal) GOQii App Refer and Earn – Get Free Fitness Band and more goodies

GOQii App is giving free Fitness Band, backpack, Lunch Box and Many More goodies when you refer friends. With GOQii App Refer and Earn both user will earn free GOQii premium plan for 1 month. By joining Goqii program you’ll receive Rs 500 Wallet Cash, Plus on the first Refer, you’ll get Rs 500 Wallet cash and also 1000 Wallet cash for 10 Refer that you may purchase any Merchandise on the program including fitness band, backpack or Lunch Box etc.

GOQii App Features

With the GOQii smartband, you can not simply purchase the action tracker. Instead, you cover Rs. 2,999, Rs. 2,449 or Rs. 999 respectively, for either 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions. Then you enter the GOQii ecosystem program, which contains the action tracker itself and also a coach who will assist you with your exercise regimen. You won’t really meet this trainer, instead, you’ll talk to them within the GOQii program and through telephone calls. Basically, you are paying for the band and the trainer. The trainer will provide you with diet routines according to your everyday routine, and can help you establish targets based on what you would like to accomplish through this band.

How To install GOQii App and Get Free Wallet Cash

1. Download and install GOQii App fro the google play store app link GOQii – Smart Preventive Healthcare.

GOQii - Preventive Healthcare.
GOQii - Preventive Healthcare.

2. Open the app and provide India mobile number and submit OTP for registration.

gooqii app 2

3. Select I have Referral code Provide ours refer code to receive 500 wallet cash + 1-month GOQii subscription. (Referral code ⇒ nitya817)

gooqii app 14. Now follow all the steps to complete the registration submit email id, name, address, city etc and your weight, hight and what you want to achieve.

How To claim GOQii App Refer and Earn Goodies

1. Open the app and tap on the gift icon.

gooqii app 5


3. and claim any of program you have achieved

  • Rs. 500 Goodies = Friends to be Referred 1
  • Rs. 1000 Goodies = Friends to be Referred10
  • Rs. 2000 Goodies = Friends to be Referred 20
  • Rs. 3000 Goodies = Friends to be Referred 50
  • Rs. 4000 Goodies = Friends to be Referred 100
  • Rs. 5000 Goodies = Friends to be Referred 200
  • Rs. 10000 Goodies = Friends to be Referred 300

gooqii app 3

500 Goodies = Lunch Box, 1000 Goodies = backpack, 2000, 4000 Goodies = Fitness Band and more.

4. Pay 50 rs for the delivery charge via paytm, upi or any payment method.

gooqii app 7

Terms & Conditions :

  • This offer is only available for Indian users.
  • GOQii cash and its benefits are only available in Indian Users.
  • Only for new Users on GOQii is applicable.
  • Suspicious Transactions/activities will be disqualified.
  • To redeem more than Rs.2000 Goodies you must subscribe GOQii paid Subscription.
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