Play CS:GO, Far Cry, Just Cause and GTA V on Your Android with Vortex Cloud Gaming

Google unveils its cloud gaming service Stadia Cloud Game Service in Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. The cloud gaming service Stadia Cloud Game Service it’s still in beta mode, and after the complete beta test, it will be launch in 2019. After the news others, developers also started developing the service, vortex one of them. Vortex launched its cloud gaming service a few months ago it’s still in beta mode, but most of the games are working fine. Here is my review of Vortex Cloud Gaming you can play GTA V on Your Android with Vortex Cloud Gaming.

PC game like GTA V, CS:GO, Far Cry, Just Cause, Assassin’s creed, fallout and others not released for Android device. But now it’s possible, and now you can play high graphics game on your Android and Your low config PC or laptop with the Cloud Gaming without Downloading the game. In addition to GTA V several other games are available such as PUBG (Steam version), Apex Legends, League of Legends, Mortal Kombat 11, The Witcher 3, Fortnite and more.

Vortex Cloud Gaming for Android & PC

Vortex is a game streaming application. The games are streamed from the servers, so we don’t have to waste time downloading and installing the game just choose what you want to play it will start in a few seconds. But best of all, you won’t need a High-Performance Android phone to use the app.

How to Play Any PC games on Android using Vortex

Well, now it’s easy to play any PC games on your Android phone or Low config PC or Laptop with Cloud Gaming without Downloading the games. You have to need a Fiber broadband connection or 4G, 5G mobile data service. But of course all this is not for free, Vortex has a monthly plan of $9.99 per month (Special Offer 20$ for 3 Month), in addition to that some games require purchase on Steam. An internet connection of at least 10mb is recommended.

Vortex Cloud Gaming reviewHere is the Download link for Vortex PC, Android, and MAC with all the screenshots and gameplay video.

Vortex Cloud Gaming Review

I have installed and tested the app on both my Windows laptop and Android Phone. Here is the CS: GO and Just Cause 3 Gameplay and screenshots.

Vortex Cloud Gaming Review Android


Just Cause 3



Tell your experience after using the Vortex Cloud Gaming Service in the comment section.

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