Guide To Root and Install TWRP Recovery Install Gapps on Nubia Z9 Max

Guide To Root and Install TWRP Recovery Install Gapps on Nubia Z9 Max



⇓ Download Nubia Z9 Max Root Tool And Gapps 

Root Twrp Tool

Gapps Android 5.0 64 Bit


  1. Backup All Of Your Data.
  2. This Method Is Applicable For Nubia Z9 Max Only. An Attempt To Try This On Other Models May Brick Your Phone.

Complete Step-By-Step Instructions:

  •  Open USB Debugging On Your Phone. To Enable USB Debugging Go To Settings> Phone> Software Information, Please Click On The Build Number Seven Times, Until You See The “You Are A Developer” To Return To The Setup Screen, Click Developer Options, Then Enable USB Debugging.


  • Connect the Nubia Z9 MAX to the PC / Laptop
  • Then Download Nubia Z9 Max Root Tool , And  Run.


  • Hit 5 To Root Super Su Hit 6 For King User 
  • Hit 2 To Install Twrp Recovery 
  • This Tool Fully Automatic Just Hit The Number 


Install Gapps (Playstore) On Z9 Max

  • Download The Gapps Zip File Copy To Phone Internal Storage 
  • Go To Recovery Mode By Go Setting About -System Update-Recovery Confirm And Reboot



  • Now Select First Option In Twrp Recovery 



  • Find The Gapps Zip File Then Swipe To Install 
  • Then Back Wipe Cache Reboot  

Watch Full Video Guide 

Like Nubia Dev Page For Z9 Max Z9 Mini Updates

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  1. Zdenda Delfínů says

    hi, I finished number 1 – Drive instalation, but I do not know, what have I do as the next step. What number should I install when I just want to root?

    1. Zdenda Delfínů says

      and Chinese characters do not know , I do not know what number I give .
      At the moment I do not want to flash any other ROM , but only root to be able to remove some applications . thank you

      1. rajajana says

        Now Check The Post I Will Upload Video

        1. Zdenda Delfínů says

          good job. I try it.
          and what is number 3 on the picture – is this stock recovery ? and when I will work at TWRP, are they chinese characters or english?

          1. Sang-G says


            Make a map in your root of your device. And call it TWRP in that map make a new map called theme.

            go to google and type twrp themes , and find the XDA link 🙂 go to the 1920×1080 v278x and download a theme, rename the file in ui and place it in the theme map.

            Your phone should have english with the new design 🙂

        2. Zdenda Delfínů says

          does anybody know, how to remove the first screen within Nubia launcher? for editing photos, pictures,videomaker etc. etc. ? It is unnecessary and interferes in all respects

          1. raja says

            Use Another Launcher

          2. rajajana says

            Use Another Launcher

    2. rajajana says

      Please Follow The Post

  2. Zdenda PH says

    Hi, next question – can I use it for Z9 Classic too ???

    1. rajajana says

      no sir you can root it but dont install recovery it can brick your device

      1. Zdenda PH says

        root only – thanks.
        And another idea where to get TWRP for Z9 Classic?

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