Guide to Remove Bootloader Unlocked Warning on Moto / E / G / X

Guide to Remove Bootloader Unlocked Warning on Moto / E / G / X

Bootloader Unlocked Warning on Moto Maxx 300x173

You must have noticed that when you unlock the bootloader of moto line devices (moto e, g 2013 g 2014 x 2013 and x 2014) appears a warning that the bootloader is unlocked.

It sucks it and if you want to sell the device, one can not know what it is. (he thinks the device already damaged) remove this annoying warning and leave the boot screen with the logo of Motorola.


The Logo Utilized Is The Same For The First Line And Second Generation Moto G / E / X

Warning: This Method Is Necessary To Have A Custom Recovery Installed (I Believe Most Of The People Who Desbloqueam The Bootloader And Make ROOT Has This Requisite)


  • Download Moto Logo Here

Complete Step-By-Step Instructions:-

1. Copy the zip file to the internal memory of your device.

2 Enter In To Recovery Mode By Volume Up+Down +Power Then Select Recovery

3- Go to ‘Install Zip’ and select the file

4 Confirm the installation

5 When finished, go back and go Reboot System Now. Your device should reboot and already give regular boot, without notice.

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