Download Huawei EMUI 4.1 Apps For Android 6.0 Devices

Huawei EMUI 4.1 Apps

This Post is About The The All Stock Huawei EMUI 4.1 Apps Of Huawei EMUI 4.1 Apps For Android 6.0 Devices. Let Gets Start.

The  EMUI 4.1 apps are the latest version of. It gives you many more settings than normal stock android. The interface of these apps is too beautiful and easy to use. This file is pack with the EMUI_4.1 apps Like:-

  • EMUi Camera
  • File Manager
  • Calculator
  • Email
  • Huawei Keyboard
  • Huawei Market
  • Compass
  • Huawei video
  • Notepad
  • Phone Manager
  • Theme Manager
  • Messaging
  • FM Radio
  • Music Player
  • Hi Care
  • Hi Cloud
  • Huawei Study
  • Weather
  • Huawei Launcher
  • And Much More


Screenshots of EMUI 4.1 Stock Apps Are Given Below…

Download The Android Apk Files From The Link Below.

⇓⇓Download The Apk File From Here⇓⇓


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  1. Anil Dasari says

    Will it work on emui 3.0

    1. rajajana says

      yes it will

  2. Anil Dasari says

    huawei launcher apk link not working please check once

    1. rajajana says

      i will fix the link

  3. Docking says

    Is possible to install on Honor 7 EU???
    This apk is like original Emui???
    Thank you

    1. rajajana says

      yes you can

  4. Docking says

    One problem…
    i have to download all the files?
    You cannot upload one sigle apk with all functions?

  5. Burak says

    Im looking for huawei lock screen widget, Can you share?

    1. raja says

      sorry you cant install magazine unlock in other phone

  6. Víctor says

    Hwweatherclock no funciona ,not work, etc etc etc etc alguien tiene la aplicación correcta????

  7. Luís Morais says

    How install weather apk, please?

  8. Mohamed Hassan (Massry) says

    can i install it on huawei gr5 emui 4.0 android 6?
    and is it support privacy protection setting?

    1. rajajana says

      you can try

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