How To Lock 4G Only or LTE Only On Samsung without Root

After long research today I found a trick to lock 4G Only or LTE Only on Samsung device. This method work without any root access. Many users always facing network issues in lots of areas, Mobile network always wants a good connection so if their 4G network is quality is less then 3G network then the connection will be an automatic switch from 4G to 3G network, So at this point, you will face some call drops issues.

Lock 4G Only or LTE Only On Samsung

Today we share a trick that Samsung 4g set or locks LTE Only or 4G Only on Samsung device. It gives much more connection quality, also good network speed than before. LTE networks only can only be used for internet data only, whereas function calls and SMS is not possible through a network of LTE.

LTE only mode you needed when you are going in areas with LTE signals is weak. If you already change or lock LTE Only option then you will get fast internet connection via LTE networks.

Here we share two methods Samsung 4g set only or enable 4G Only mode on Samsung Qualcomm and MediaTek devices. To do this, follow these steps to learn how to Lock 4G Only or LTE Only on Samsung without Root.

Lock 4G/LTE Only Mode on Samsung Qualcomm device

  • Enter *#0011#
  • Menu (Top right button) > Key Input > Type “Q” and press “OK”
  • Again go to Key Input > Type “0000” and press “OK” and WAIT 10 Seconds.
  • If you get a “0” response. Restart from the first step, then it will work.
  • If the system is OK you will see “Main Menu”.
  • Select Option [2] UE Setting & Info.
  • Then Option [1] Setting > [1] Protocol > [2] Nas > [1] Network Control > [4] Band Selection – Note if you are Duo’s then select SIM1 or SIM2.
  • Then select [4] LTE Band Preference (Automatic to disable LTE Only mode).
  • Now select [8] LTE All.

Lock 4G/LTE Only Mode on Samsung MediaTek device

  • You must be Using SIM 1 as Mobile data internet connection.
  • Download and Install “MTK Engineer App” from google play store.

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Developer: Teknokia
Price: Free
  • RUN the App that you have installed above.
  • You can see three menus: 1. MTK Engineer Mode; 2. Android Testing; 3. LTE Switcher.
  • Now select the third menu (LTE Switcher).
  • After that, In part set preferred network type, select LTE Only.
  • Now reboot your device and enjoy.

Note: If you want to return to the original, then change to the option as the previous one.
If You face any problem then comment below we will happy to help you.
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