Download OnePlus Zen Mode APK For OnePlus 5,5T, and 6 (v.1.3)

OnePlus already started its Android Q Beta earlier with the OnePlus 7 series. The oxygen OS 10 is coming with lots of new features ,like game space, Zen mode etc. The Zen mode updated in its latest Android Q Beta. The length of zen mode can be set in the latest update. This update was only for BETA enrolled devices, but you can get OnePlus Zen Mode APK for OnePlus 5,5T and 6 devices. If you don’t know what’s the zen mode read below.

OnePlus Zen Mode:

Zen mode is you can simply call it as new DND feature. OnePlus said, by using this app you can restrict your phone’s usage and concentrate on your other things in life. As we all know smartphone is becoming an addiction nowadays, most people can’t even tolerate some minutes away from their smartphones. But its all depend on our will. Still, OnePlus Zen mode APK for OnePlus 5,5T and 6 devices will restrict the app notifications etc and it will remain silent. So you will look less towards your smartphone and enjoy your life.


All credits goes to the XDA developers for porting this OnePlus Zen Mode APK for OnePlus 5,5T and 6 users. Below is the high speed download link available to download the APK. Download it and install the APK as usual we install the APK files. Zen mode will be available after installation.

Download Section:

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