Download Google Camera 6.2 For Android 9.0, Android 8.1, Android 10 Updated!!

Pixel 3 is the newest model launched after Pixel 2. Here is another ported version of Google Camera 6.2 for Android 9.0, Android 9.1, 8.0 with exclusive Pixel 3 features. Also, the Google Camera for Android 10 is now available. There is always something different about Gcam, sometimes the pictures are heat and miss. So here is the Google Camera 6.2 For Android 9.0, Android 9.1, 8.0. It will surely increase the quality of the images captured. Some of the features which are exclusive to Pixel 3 are ported to its predecessors. Google is of the best camera that featured the best Portrait mode. Gcam mod is very much popular nowadays. The Google Camera will capture portrait mode with both rear and front cam. Today we share a guide to install Ported Google Camera for Android 9.0, Android 9.1, 8.0. The Android 10 port is just now available from the ARNOVA

Ported Google Camera 6.2 For Android 9.0, Android 9.1, 8.0:

If you love Google camera interface and want to install on your Android 9.0, Android 9.1, 8.0 device then you are the right place. It does not require root permissions so you need to root the smartphone. Just follow the guide below and install Google Camera For Android 9.0, Android 9.1, 8.0.

Google Cam is a camera application developed by Google for Android. Previous year Google launched new Gcamera with pixel device, that comes with lots of new features with a portrait. It gives you to take better low light camera quality. Though this is newly launched hence most of the features may not work on all devices. Most developers are porting the mod to different devices. Still, you can try if it works on your device then it’s great. We already posted the Google Camera 6.2 MOD for Poco F1 and other devices.

Let’s check out some bugs and working features of this app.


  • Rear HDR+ Capture
  • Front Capture (no HDR+)
  • Others feature works well.
  • Portrait Mode
  • HDR+ On Both Rear+Front Cams
  • Night Sight

The new Google Camera Update By URNYX05:

Forced again N6P model on the front camera of Mi9
The fixed front camera on Indian Redmi Note 5 Pro
Hidden the options to change the resolution of aux lenses because they crash (but they are compulsory to have maximum res on every lens)
Added Info section
Removed the option to save portrait photos in a single folder (it corrupted photos, I suggest you use GCam Tool Pro)
Added again the option to change quality (now it works even with P3 UI, thanks Marlin_ku)
Added the option to force the exposure time of a tripod in Night Sight (thanks CStark)
Reorganized a bit code

Changelogs Tiger Camera Gcam:

Expanded device support
Added night shooting instead of a panorama, can be found in the section more
Fully fixed problems with green artifacts
Fixed problems with green fill on the front camera (some devices)
The camera is configured out of the box with the recommended settings
Improved responsiveness of the shutter button
Moving from online libraries to local
Removed the video stabilization item as it makes no sense
Removed all experimental code
Brought all the lines to normal, assigned each its own value instead of mystring
Slightly accelerated camera launch
Fixed all compatibility issues on various devices
Removed dependency on AppCloner
New logo lavender/whyred
Added Google Photo toggle
Added Chernobyl mode (monochrome)

6.2 Google Camera for Android 10:

Recently, after the launch of Android 10 and its rolled out to few devices now. So the Google Camera for Android 10 is out now. The Google Camera 6.2 For Android 10 is updated by ARNOVA8G2 thanks to him. The Google Camera 6.2 For Android 10 has the same features as the above-listed google camera versions. But this compatibility now available for Android 10. So you can try the Gcam now on Android 10 devices!! So why wait if you have the Android 10 device try on it now!! Download links are provided below.

Download Android 9.0, Android 8.1, 8.0 Google Camera 6.2:

Google Camera 6.2 For Android 10:

Changelogs for Android 10 Gcam APK:

Fix light trail, now always on-off.
Fix icons with theme mode.
Add Save config in the XML file.
Add default config for some device.
Added GCam parameter in the test.
Version works on android Q use module to activate AUX mode.
Advanced settings can be enabled by going to About > Advanced.

Install APK:-

  • Download The GCamera.apk file.
  • Then Copy the downloaded file to your mobile or tablets in internal or external storage.
  • Now enable Unknown Sources options from Settings > Security or Settings > Additional settings > Privacy.
  • Install GCamera.apk.
  • Once installation complete, Open the Gcamera app on your device.
  • Click on the options icon, you will see many options select one. also, you can change the camera setting from the setting option.

Now you have Google Cam For Android 9.0, Android 9.1, 8.0. If you have any problems comment below or message us on our official Facebook page!!

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