How To Resize Navigation Bar In MIUI 10/9 Xiaomi Devices

So, here is a small customization option you can apply. This will work on MIUI 10/9 versions. So here is the How To Resize Navigation Bar In MIUI 10/9 Xiaomi Devices. Some users really get annoyed by the size of the navigation bar. Like the almost all phones nowadays are having on-screen software navigation buttons. so sometimes users find that those buttons are big or having a large size. Hereby following these guides, you can Resize Navigation Bar In MIUI 10/9 Xiaomi Devices. You can enter any values as per your choice and your navigation bar will be resized.

About Resize Navigation Bar In MIUI 10/9:

The navigation bar is mostly included by software in most smartphones right now. Almost all smartphones are coming with full view notch display. No one likes the bezels nowadays. So if you don’t like the space occupied by navigation buttons you can resize it. You need to follow some simple steps to do it. follow the post, Resize Navigation Bar In MIUI 10/9 Xiaomi Devices.

Thanks to the XDA developer UGENE1980 for this mod. All credits go to the developer and members made the mod. Follow below steps to resize the navigation bar in MIUI 10/9 on Xiaomi devices. This MOD will only work on MIUI 10/9 Xiaomi devices. Don’t try on other devices.

Downloads Section:

Guide To Resize Navigation bar in MIUI 10/9:

1.) Download the framework-res file from above download section.

2.) Now on your smartphone copy this file to following location/directory.


3.) After placing the file. Just reboot your smartphone.

If you want to again change the sizes of the navigation bar:

4.) Unzip the framework-res file. Now there will be the XML file.

5.) Open the theme.xml file.

6.) Edit the “navigation_bar_height” and “navigation_bar_height_landscape” values according to your requirements.

6.) Again zip the file and put it in the same directory and reboot the smartphone.

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