The Best Top Calendar Widgets For Android [2020]

In today’s life, the smartphone is the one that keeps us updated and helps us most of the time during work. I always needed a Calendar for Android. Earlier I used to download apps from the play store. But here are the best Top Calendar Widgets for Android [2020] you can try. These are some Best calendar widgets for Android I tried them. The good thing about widgets is you don’t need to open any special calendar app for getting the dates or work you set on the calendar. Just you can enable the widgets directly on the home screen and that’s it. So let’s find out some best calendar widgets for Android. If you want to know Best Apps For Rooted Android Get them here.

1.) Calendar Widget Month

This is the widget which can be placed on the home screen. As the name suggests it shows the months on the home screen you can change and see dates just with the swipe gesture. You can customize this widget heavily there are about 60+ themes available. You can make it look like our traditional calendar adding any images available from themes.

Calendar Widget Month 1024x547

So if you want some customization with the calendar you can download this widget. I recommend you give this a try if you want a customizable Calendar Widget For Android. The transparent and translucent design makes the widget even better. There’s one more thing to add that this widget supports the Google Calendar syncing. Get this widget from the play store link below.

Month: Calendar Widget
Month: Calendar Widget
Developer: Candl Apps
Price: Free+

2.) DigCal+ Calender

Basically DigCal+ Calendar is an app that has the best Calendar widgets for Android. They really look good and worth a try. You can customize your sessions or your work timing in the calendar easily. Also, the good thing is you can create multiple widgets and display them on the home screen making more pages.

DigiCal Plus

DigCal+ Calendar has family, sports and work calendars you can customize them accordingly. It also supports transparent calendars. There are 30 different color shades are available so you can choose any them also the themes are available are 9 and 5 of which are free. You can get this app from below play store links.

DigiCal+ Calendar
DigiCal+ Calendar
Developer: Digibites
Price: $4.99

3.) Everyday Calendar Widget

This is another best widget you can get for Calendar. It consists of two setups so you can either view the month as a whole or view the months as agenda type. You can customize almost every bit of the widget from colors to the background. I liked the agenda type view rather than month type cause I can get what I want to do today according to dates easily.

The good thing is the widget is background manageable so it can get its background colour automatically according to the visibility. Most importantly the app is free the feature backing up configurations is the paid one. If you want that feature you can get the paid version of the app. Download the widget from below links.

Everyday - Calendar Widget
Everyday - Calendar Widget

4.) Another Widget

Another Widget 1 e1578303160494


If you want a customizable good calendar widget then this one is for you. Unlike the Google Calendar which is mostly based on only text-based calendar widget, you can customize more in this widget. It can show all the events or at a glance like the Google Calendar moreover, this shows the current time too. So if you want a replacement for your traditional calender app and want light and free widget then you can download this another widget for Android. Get the Pixel to look like Another Widget from below play store links

Another Widget
Another Widget
Developer: Tommaso Berlose
Price: Free+

So, this is all, for now, comment below which widget you are using in the comment box below. If you like the post, don’t forget to share it also, like our official Facebook page for more updates. Join our telegram channel for more instant updates directly to your phone!!

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