How To Transfer WhatsApp Between Android And iPhone In Easy Way

There’s always a problem of transferring the data from one phone to another. Especially in the case of Android to iPhone. So, here is the solution to your data transfer problems. Here’s the best tool to transfer WhatsAppfrom Android to iPhone. The MobileTrans Whatsapp transfer tool is the best tool to transfer the data especially WhatsApp between Android And iPhone yet. You can transfer almost everything included in the WhatsApp from your earlier phone to a new one. It’s really easy and doesn’t require a pro-type person to get this work done.

I have seen lots of apps, tools providing the backup and restore feature. But the MobileTrans Whatsapp tool is the one I found helpful. It provides transfer WhatsApp between Android to iPhone like WhatsApp messages, photos, videos and also WhatsApp attachments. MobileTrans can Transfer Data Between iOS, Android & Windows Phone. You can transfer the data, upload to your pc transfer to multiple devices in just simple clicks.

What’s MobileTrans- WhatsApp Transfer

The MobileTrans is the tool from which you can easily transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone or Android to Android or even windows if someones use it. You can also make backup to your pc and restore it whenever you want any time. The WhatsApp will be completely merged to your new phone just the way as it was on your older smartphone. Most of the people change mobiles often from Android to android or maybe iPhone to android. So if you have the Mobiletrans WhatsApp transfer you can easily transfer the WhatsApp without any issue. It’s a one-click tool available to Windows and macOS platforms.

MobileTrans Features:

  • Transfer Data Between iOS, Android & Windows Phone easily
  • Transfer WhatsApp from old to a new smartphone with all data
  • Backup data from android or ios to pc and avoid data loss and restore it any time
  • Easily restore the backup including iTunes and MobileTrans backup
  • Supports Kik, Line, Viber, and Wechat too
  • WhatsApp messages can be seen on PC too
  • Supports cross-platform data transfer

I liked its feature of supporting the multiple devices and ability to backup to your pc and you can restore the same backup whenever you want is just a few clicks. One more important feature is if you even forgot to backup WhatsApp the MobileTrans tool can easily merge the whole Whatsapp from old phone to new phone. I tried to move WhatsApp from android to android and it was just too easy. Earlier I was using titanium backup and other tools but they require root access and I cannot take the whole back up with the conversation of WhatsApp. But with this, I was able to move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone too.

Supported Platforms/ Requirements:

Mobile Platform

  • iOS Versions – iOS 5 and above
  • Android Versions – Android 2.1 and above

Desktop Platform

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP
  • MacOS 10 above [Cataline, Mojave, High Sierra, EI Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks]

Download MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer Tool:

How To Use MobileTrans:

Transfer WhatsApp From Android To WhatsApp:

i) You just need to connect both of your Android and iPhone smartphone to your PC. Or Android to android transfer, connect both of the smartphones to pc.

WhatsApp Transfer

ii) MobileTrans will automatically detect both of the smartphones once they are connected.

iii) Now just confirm the data from the source device.

iv) tap on start and done!!

To Get Backup of WhatsApp To PC:

i) Download and install the Mobiletrans first on your PC.

ii) Open the Mobiletrans tool and connect your smartphone.

WhatsApp Backup

iii) The data from your smartphone will be detected in Mobiletrans.

iv) For iOS devices, you will not have to do anything during backup. In Android confirmation, prompt will appear and you have to click on start.

v.) Login to your WhatsApp when asked and data will get back up in PC.

To Restore WhatsApp From Backup:

i) To restore the Whatsapp from the backup you created already, open the MobileTrans.

ii) Connect the smartphone in which you want to restore the backup.

restore messages

iii) By default, the tool will auto-detect the backup saved on the PC you ever created.

iv) Select the backup you want to restore.

v) Wait till the backup gets finished. Restore completed message will appear on the screen.

Done, you have restored WhatsApp messages!!

What makes Mobile Trans Different from others:

MobileTrans not only restores the media from WhatsApp but it is also able to automatically backup and restore all of the WhatsApp data from any device and any platform with just a few clicks. It is able to back up the data to PC so you can easily restore the same backup whenever you want.

On lots of other tools, you cannot see the messages once they are backed up in pc. But in this tool, you can see the messages on your PC even after they backed up on PC. The data from Kik, we chat, Viber can also get backed up and restored. Supports almost all Android, iOS versions and also Windows and macOS systems. Easy guides and easy UI gets points from my side.

But there’s one problem that Wechat, Viber, Kik apps are not supported fully. Now only data can be backed up of these apps, not the whole messages, etc as in the case of WhatsApp. So this may not be useful in case of apps other than WhatsApp.


The MobileTrans is available free, you don’t have to pay. Plus point is its the wondershare software so you can trust on this one about your data privacy. I personally used this software and it’s really good to give instant backup and restore options no mess just a clean software without any hassle for backing up and restore. It is a powerful alternative to other data transfer and restore apps like Samsung switch and other brand backup and restore tools. The easy and simple interface makes it better than every other tool in this segment. So if you are looking for Transfer WhatsApp Between Android And iPhone then this is the one you should use!!

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